Westward Expansion

Westward Expansion
Part 2
Bell Ringer
On vent. Choose one of the articles to read.
Answer the questions below.
 Rock Star/Warrior – What did Tecumseh do to try to
help his people? How did he help the British?
 Trail of Tears – How did the Cherokee try to assimilate
(fit in) to white society? What was the Trail of Tears
 Napoleon’s Folly - Why did Napoleon want America to
have the Louisiana Purchase? What was Lewis and
Clark’s reaction to the Pacific Ocean?
Learning Target 1
I can explain why Americans began
to move west.
SS 8 – 4.2.1 & SS 8
– 5.2.3
Bell Ringer
What would you
expect the journey
west to be like?
Learning Target 1
I can explain why Americans began
to move west.
SS 8 – 4.2.1 & SS 8
– 5.2.3
Fur traders
• Furs very expensive
and popular in
• Mountain Men
• Live among the
Native Americas
Move West
Rich resources, land, and mild climate
Life on Oregon Trail
• Hard, shortages of
food, water, and
• Walked trail to
save animals’
• Often left wagon
Santa Fe Trail
• Traders who had
manufactured goods
and wanted horses,
mules, and silver
• Traded with
Mexicans in Santa Fe
• Move to Utah
because of religious
• Joseph Smith
founder, Brigham
Young early leader
Trails to the West
• As you walk around the room, answer the
questions related to each picture.
• Do NOT write on the walls.
• You only have permission to talk to your
Bell Ringer
Why did each of these travel to the west?
(Choose 2)
Mountain Men
Oregon Trail
Santa Fe Trail
Learning Target 2
I can summarize the Texas War for
Independence. SS 8 – 4.2.1 & SS 8 – 5.2.3
• Seceded from Spain (1824)
• Encouraged Americans to move to Texas
• Settlers paid in land, but had to follow
Mexican laws
• Slaves brought to Texas angered Mexicans
Texas Settlers
Texas Independence (1836)
• Texas declared independence
• Texans took control of San Antonio and
Alamo (mission)
• Santa Anna – led 2,000 to put down the
Dear America: A Line in the
Sand: The Alamo Diary of
Lucinda Lawrence
Gonzales: Texas, 1836
– 25 minutes
– Please watch respectfully!
Texas Independence
• Battle of the Alamo
– 200 Texans
– Delay Mexican Army until
reinforcements arrive
– 13 day siege
– Mexicans won
• Davy Crockett
• Jim Bowie
Texas Independence
• Battle of Jacinto
– Texans swarmed
Mexican camp
– Surprise attack
– Santa Anna gave
Texas Independence
Bell Ringer
Please begin your 9 weeks
test. You are welcome to
use your notes and the
• If you work well
independently the 1st
half the class, I will allow
you to work in groups
Bell Ringer
Summarize the Texas War for Independence.
Please write 3-4 sentences.