Propaganda 10X3 - St James School


• Propaganda is a form of communication that influences someone towards a certain opinion or a belief.

• Squealer uses propaganda. We know this from the quote “ suppose you had decided to follow snowball, with his moonshine of windmills- snowball who as we now know, was no better than a criminal?”. This shows that squealer is trying to persuade the animals and to change their minds. So that the animals think Snowball is working with Mr Jones. It also shows that squealer is dominant.

Squealer uses emotive language to convince the animals that the pigs are important and they need the milk and apples. “ The whole management and organization of this farm depend on us”. The word depend shows us that squealer uses very strong and emotional vocabulary, it also shows that squealer can confuse the animal by doing so. Therefore he wants the animals to think that the pigs are always right so that they would listen to them.

Propaganda was mostly used by squealer to brain wash the other animals to follow the leadership of Napoleon. Propaganda is also used for squealer to be able to control the way that the other animals feel and think about the situations. For example: when

Napoleon got drunk squealer went to the animals to tell them that Napoleon was dying, however squealer had ensured the animals wouldn’t realize he had drank alcohol.

Napoleon uses propaganda to his advantage when he tells squealer to convince the other animals that Napoleon is a good leader and that he is always right. “ Do not imagine comrade, that leadership is a pleasure!”. This shows that having Napoleon as a leader is good because he can make the right choices for all the animals.

Squealer is a brilliant talker, he is small and fat and has very rounded cheeks, twinkling eyes, nimble movements and a shrill voice. This all can be used as propaganda due to the fact that he is sweet and adorable, so the animals will be more likely to believe him. Some animals say squealer could turn black into white. This shows squealer is persuasive in his image.

Squealer uses rhetorical questions to deliver his propaganda. The quote “ do you know what would happen if we pigs failed in our duty”.

Shows the animals will think if the pigs do fail their duty no one will be able to help themselves survive. The animals will also think that they are not as clever as the pigs. Therefore the other animals would just let the pigs do whatever they want to, because they thought that the pigs are all nice and everything they had done was for everyone on the farm.

Snowball uses propaganda on the farm when he persuades the animals to build the windmill, he also said that after the windmill is built they would only have three days work, and it will make their life so much easier. Snowball also mentioned that it would be a difficult business but they will work hard together so that the windmill will be built in one year.