By Will Rowe, Jake
Warren & Laura Hayward
The definition of a Dictator is someone that takes absolute and sole
power over a country, this relates to Animal Farm because the first
dictator of Animal Farm was Mr Jones then after the rebellion the
point was to not have a dictator however, Napoleon takes sole
power over the farm and it was clear from the start that Napoleon
was a leader along with snowball, but its clear that napoleon was the
leader to come out of all of this. We know this because it says
“Snowball and Napoleon were by far the most active in the debates,
but it was noticed that they were never in agreement whatever
suggestions either of them made the other one could be accounted
on to oppose it”.
- Laura Hayward
The definition of Tyrant means when a leader is harsh and cruel and
places their interests over the wellbeing of a population this relates
to Animal Farm because when Mr Jones was in power he took
charge and starved the animals and neglected them, but when
Napoleon took over he done the same as what Mr Jones done even
though it was said that there would be no leader and everyone
would be equal, so Napoleon ruled/rules in a tyrant way, we know
this because he kills the animals for no reason and takes all the milk
and apples for just the pigs what shows that he's putting his health
and needs before the rest of the animals.
- Laura Hayward
The definition of Totalitarian means when a leader/ruler is in total
control on their own, its all about what they want and need, like
when napoleon takes the milk for himself and the house, because it
states in the seven commandments that “no animal shall sleep in a
bed with sheets” and because he wants to be a human and wants
everything his way. He changes it to fit his needs, also when he gets
drunk it also says in the commandments that no animal shall drink
alcohol, but then Squealer changes it to “no animal shall drink
alcohol to excess”
- Laura Hayward
In this novel Boxer, Squealer and Napoleon are the animals with power on the
farm but they have 3 different types of power.
Napoleon has the power to control the animals, he tells them what to do he is the
“President”, the book quotes “in April, Animal Farm was proclaimed a Republic,
and it became necessary to elect a president. There was only one candidate,
Napoleon” this shows that Napoleon was given power to control and decide what
was to happen on Animal Farm.
Squealer has the power of speech, the power of propaganda. He uses this power
under Napoleon’s orders to twist the minds of the animals and manipulate their
thoughts, for example “Squealer easily convinced them that the veterinary
surgeon in Willingdon could treat Boxer’s case more than satisfactory than could
be done on the farm.” This shows that Squealer (the propaganda machine) has a
way with words and can easily convince the animals to think anything even if it
goes right against their beliefs. “He had gone out alone to drag a load of stone
down to the windmill" this sentence shows that Boxer “He had, he said, only one
real ambition left-to see the windmill well underway" this shows that Boxer will
use all of his strength to finish the windmill before he “retires”.
- Jake Warren
Napoleon privately brings up the puppies which everyone thinks was really
kind of him and generous. But it turned out that he was using them for his own
use . He was training them to obey his every word . When Snowball was giving
a speech he called the dogs to chase Snowball of the farm.” Napoleon stood
up and, casting a peculiar side ways look at Snowball, uttered a high pitched
whimper of a kind no one had ever heard him utter before.” At this there was a
terrible baying outside, and nine enormous dogs wearing brass studded collars
came bounding into the barn.” After they had chased Snowball off the farm no
one knew were they had come from but then they guessed that it was the
puppies that Napoleon had taken away from their mums to rear.” they were
the puppies whom Napoleon had taken away from their mothers and reared
privately.” The pigs took power pretty easily because they used the dogs as
bodyguards and were very powerful so the animals obeyed the pigs without
protest because the dogs were always there to back the pigs up and reinforce
their orders.
- Will Rowe
No they don’t because the whole point of the
rebellion is to not have a leader or have
someone dictate ,but Napoleon just takes
charge! And all animals are supposed to be
equal, and when they have power they just
abuse it!
- Laura Hayward
2 out of 3 animals with power use it well.
Squealer uses his power to tell lies to convince the animals that what
happens is good and doesn’t brake the commandments (which he
changes), Squealer makes the animals believe the lies and persuades
enough to get them to question there memories and their beliefs,
squealer uses is power well to do this but he uses it for the wrong
reasons, just like most propaganda machines.
Boxer - Boxer uses his power to help the animals to build the windmill
and to help the animals do as much work as possible. Boxer wants to
give as much as he can to help the animals with his work such as his
helping with building the windmill. He also uses his strength to do the
jobs no one else can do although he believes that Napoleon is right he
still does good in a good way.
- Jake Warren
Napoleon uses his power badly to control the animals to do his greedy
work. Napoleon uses his power to control the animals and control the
farm but instead of using his power to give back to the other animals
he becomes greedy and uses his power to get what he wants. For
example, he uses Squealer to justify his act of taking milk and apples,
instead of giving them to the working class which would produce a
faster work force and better efficiency, so this suggests he uses his
power to be bad and uses it badly.
- Jake Warren
Language is very well used by Squealer.
Squealer used his ability to make the animals
question their beliefs, to question right and
wrong and to question their memories. He is a
very smart pig and to the animals very
trustworthy. However, he twists words and
makes the lies believable and to Napoleon
Squealer is like an army, to Napoleon Squealer is
his own propaganda machine.
-Jake Warren
The pigs’ behaviour differs from the ideas of Old Major because they seize
ultimate power after chasing Snowball away and make it a republic with
Napoleon at its head leading. But Old Majors ideas were of an farm were
every animal is equal but Napoleon ignores of all of that and becomes pretty
much just a dictator . In the beginning of the rebellion there were 7
commandments they were 1: Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy, 2:
Whatever goes upon 4 legs, or has wings, is a friend, 3: No animal shall wear
clothes, 4: No animal shall sleep in a bed, 5: No animal shall drink alcohol, 6:
No animal kill any other animal and 7: all animals are equal. But in the end
before Napoleon invites all the farmers and starts walking on 2 trotters and
wearing clothes Squealer changes the commandments to just, “All animals
are equal, but some are more equal than others”. This implies the pigs think
that they are the best and smartest animals in the farm so they are better
than the rest or “more equal”.
- Will Rowe