Trust 10X3 - St James School

By Bart, Jonghyun and Brad
Who are the most trusting characters
in the novel?
The most trusting characters in animal farm is
boxer as well as old major because…As We see
boxer say. ‘I will work harder’ showing us that
boxer is following napoleons orders which
shows he trusts him.
• Also old major which is very knowledgeable
and because he taught all of the animals
‘seven commandments’ which started the
rebellion we see this when ‘Man is the only
real enemy we have, remove man from the
scene’ . We didn’t see much of him but was
immensely valued by the other animals.
Why do you think that the animals are
so trusting of the pigs?
• Because the pigs are using really good
vocabulary which the other animals don’t
understand and they just go along with what
they have to do or say. So they don’t look
stupid. We can see this with the quote ‘It was
also found that the stupider animals on the
farm such as the sheep, hens and ducks were
unable to learn the seven commandments’.
Was Snowball more trustworthy than
• Snowball is more trustworthy than Napoleon.
It can be seen when “Snowball launched first
attack in battle of cowshed”. It shows that all
animals trusted snowball by risking their life.
They trust Snowball because he has started
the rebellion also he was talking about the
freedom and all animals liked it.
On the other hand,
• Lots of animal think Napoleon is more
trustworthy than snowball. It can be seen with
Boxer’s slogan “Comrade napoleon is always
right” it shows boxer trust napoleon even
though he didn’t understand what he’s saying
Who shouldn’t be trusted in Animal
• In our opinion pigs are the one that shouldn’t
be trusted, because they think they are
deserve better than the other animal, for
example they get milk and apples, we see this
when they say “It is for your sake that we
drink that milk and eat those apples” it shows
that they are selfish, also by using fake fact
such as “this has been prove by science,
comrades” they made animals to think that it
is fairs that pigs have milks and apples.
• As well as pigs change the 7 commandments
for their own goods. For example after they
drunk alcohols they changed the
commandment from “No animal shall drink
alcohol” to" No animal shall drink alcohol to
excess” so they get better life than any other
How does the theme of trust link to
• Definition of communism is everyone get
treated same/ every one is equal, therefore
they have to trust each other, if not then the
hens would get food for nothing where as
boxer for waking up half an hour earlier, we
know this because it says “arrangements with
cockerel to wake him up three-quarters earlier
instead of half an hour”
How would the novel have been different if
the animals hadn’t trusted each other?
• If they didn’t trust each other, pigs probably
couldn’t get chance to lead other animal or
treated better and they weren’t going to win
the battle of the cowshed because nobody will
going to fight for the animal farm and animals
would still be treated as slaves.