Propaganda is the manipulation of public opinion. It is
generally carried out through media that is capable of
reaching a large amount of people and effectively
persuading them for or against a cause.
What form did the propaganda take on the farm?
Squealer is one of the animals on the farm who uses propaganda to
convince the animals. He said “bravery is not enough, loyalty and
obedience are more important. And as to the Battle of the Cowshed I
believe the time will come when we shall find that Snowballs part in it
was much exaggerated. Discipline, comrades, iron discipline! That is the
watchword for today. One false step, and our enemies would be upon us.
Surely, comrades, you do not want Jones back?” at the end of the small
speech he uses a rhetorical question to put his opinion across. He uses
propaganda in this speech because he feels his opinion is important, so
he wants to make an impression on the other animals.
What part does language play in propaganda?
There is a lot of rhetorical questions used, because it makes the
language sound more dramatic, and also, there is a lot of rhetorical
questions in the speech’s because it makes the animals think about
what the person performing the speech said in a different
How was it used on the farm?
Mainly rhetorical questions are used on the farm, because
it is used in the speech’s and a lot of speech’s are in the
book throughout. Rhetorical questions make an impact
on the person who the question is aimed at because it
puts things into a different perspective, and they then
think it through differently. A rhetorical question used
was “Surely, comrades, you do not want Jones back?” this
was used by Squealer and he used it in his speech. It
made an impact on the other animals, because they are
not very intelligent and then as soon as they hear Jones’
name they will immediately go against it, because they
hate him and they do not think things through properly,
which makes them naïve. Propaganda was used to win
arguments for food and shelter so that the animals can’t
rebel against Napoleon.
How was it used on the farm?
Propaganda is an advantage on the animals so that
they have hope and loyalty for Napoleon but this will
mean that the animals are very gullible. In addition
the pigs used propaganda to deceive the animals to
think that they are doing the work for the animals
“The whole management and organization of this
farm depend on us” The quote that Squealer said
couldn’t let the animals deny saying yes because all of
the animals did not want Mr. Jones back. Propaganda
was used on loyalty by making the animals work on
the farm much more.
How does Napoleon use
propaganda to is advantage?
Napoleon uses Propaganda by blaming all of the misfortunes on
Snowball. For example the windmill gets destroyed by a storm but
Napoleon blames it on Snowball in a realistic way. A quote that
supports this is “Do you know the enemy who has come in the night
and over thrown our windmill? Snowball” Napoleon lies so that the
anger of the animals is concentrated to Snowball and this will mean that
the animals will work harder than before but this will also mean that it
will not be concentrated on Napoleon and rebel against him. Another
advantage that Napoleon uses is when Snowball ruined the farm and
made the animals worried. A quote supporting the evidence is
“Snowball. He has been here! I can smell him distinctly” This shows that
when Napoleon is making it sound real the loyalty of the animals
mostly goes to Napoleon and the anger of the animals goes away and
mostly only to Snowball.
Explain how the character of
Squealer is a propaganda machine.
Squealer has confidence in himself so he is able to use propaganda to lie to the
other animals. “Milk and apples (this has been proved by science, comrades)
contain substances absolutely necessary to the well being of a pig.” This is one
of his lies, because what he said is not really proved by science. Nevertheless,
he said it because he knows that the other animals are oblivious about it. This
also shows that he is knowledgeable and he’s good with words, so he uses
them as weapons to confuse the animals. However, without confidence and
just knowledge alone, wouldn’t help him to speak up in front of the animals.
Therefore, this tells us that he needs confidence to carry out propaganda.
How do rhetorical questions help Squealer’s
delivery of propaganda?
Squealer uses rhetorical questions to persuade the animals, and also scare
them. “Surely, comrades, you do not want Jones back?” He knows that all the
animals are afraid of Jones so he used his name as an advantage by putting it
in his speech. This will then alert the animals and make them think about the
situation. Most of the animals are not smart enough to think and express their
opinions, so they would just believe Squealer and do as he said.
Snowball uses propaganda during his time on the farm though
his technique is very different to Squealer’s, he simplifies his
language. Provide some examples and explain how this helps
him. A) sound more clever than the other animals. B) Convince
them of his ideas.
Snowball also use propaganda during his time on the farm. ‘So much
labour would be saved that the animals would only need to work
three days a week.’ This shows his good intentions of wanting to
assist the animals from doing too much work. He uses propaganda
in an inspiring and easy way to convey hi ideas for the animals to
understand right away. He convince them with his ideas in an
articulate way which can benefit the animals.