Main Ideas & Supporting Ideas - River Dell Regional School District

Main Ideas &
Review on Introductions…
 Hook
 What
is the topic?
 What is your opinion on the topic?
 What are your 3 reasons why?
Topic Sentence
Whenever a writer creates a paragraph, it
always begins with a topic sentence or a “main
• It is the first sentence in a body paragraph
(2nd, 3rd, or 4th paragraph)
 States a reason supporting your opinion
• Begin each topic sentence with the correct
transition or have a transition somewhere in the
body (see list)
 Each body paragraph should have at least
one transition
Ideas for Supporting Details
A topic sentence must be supported with details that
are specific and descriptive, such as:
• A fact – common knowledge or using comparisons
or contrasts, for example:
Bullying is a serious issue that happens daily in schools
and recently, is a leading cause of teenage suicide.
There are many states that have laws today that bring
criminal charges to bullies in an attempt to control this
horrible behavior. Schools are bringing guest speakers
in to talk about bullying, and there are anti-bullying
programs to teach students about this serious issue,
such as DARE. Hopefully, education will discourage
bullying from continuing in schools.
Ideas for Supporting Details
personal story/experience, for example:
 Any type of rumor or situation where a person is
talking about another person in a negative way
is bullying. There was a boy in school who
everyone said was homosexual, because a
rumor was spread throughout the school about
it. Whether he is homosexual or not, talking
about him is bullying because it is hurtful to
speak about another person. Bullying is also
unwanted behavior. This situation is bullying,
because the boy does not want the students
talking about him.
Ideas for Supporting Details
statistic – a number or figure that has
been researched. For example:
Studies have shown legislation on bullying
has decreased bullying by 90%.
In a recent poll of River Dell students…45%
said they have seen bullying in high school,
while 5% say there is no bullying. The results
of this poll prove that bullying is still a major
issue in schools and stricter rules or
punishments need to be given in order for
there to be a difference.
Ex:1One Sentence Summary of
the Topic
 Whether
or not school should purchase
security equipment using funds from the
student activities account.
 The
school is thinking about purchasing
security equipment using funds from the
student activities account.
Ex: 2 Use the Language from
the Writing Prompt (Topic)
 Schools
want to buy safety tools with
student’s money.
 Schools
want to buy security devices with
money from the student activities budget.
Ex: 3 Never Use “I”
 Personally,
I agree with the idea that the
media has created too many negative
effects on young adults.
 The media has created too many
negative effects on young adults.
 The media has not created…
 The media has no negative effects on
young adults.
Ex: 4 Non-Count Nouns
 If
you can’t count each thing, it is a noncount noun and does not need an “s” to
show the plural form (more than one)
 Examples:
information, stuff, water (unless
it is more than one bottle), family, anger,
education, weather, furniture, homework,
music, soccer, butter, fish, wood, hair, etc.
Ex: 5 Make sure your ideas
aren’t too similar
Reason 1: Parents will feel safe for their
children to come to school.
Reason 2: Kids will feel safe to come to school.
These ideas are too similar. If you can’t think
of another idea, use:
“Studies have shown”
“In a recent poll of (high school students,
parents, teachers, police officers, firemen)…”
Class Work/Homework
 Write
an introduction
 Include the formula on the first slide
 Write one body paragraph.