SDPS Yammer PoC - Define your vision

Step 1.
Define Your Vision
“Push everyone with whom you interact to think
*BIGGER*. The broader the reach of the vision and the more
people involved to champion the network, the more likely
their network will be a success & address the needs of the
company at-large.”
1. Define Your Vision
For more information, see
1. Define Your Vision
Executives / Departmental Owners:
Project Managers:
IT Lead:
1. Define Your Vision
Vision Questions
Using the
answers from
questions, a
customer can
draft an actual
Yammer Vision
For more information, see
Example Vision Statement
Yammer: Reinventing the Way We Work!
Transparent Communication: A platform to deliver a consistent message and facilitate
two-way communication.
Collaborative Projects: Drive productivity by facilitating cross geographic and
functional team project collaboration.
Shared Knowledge: Increase access to information and the ability to share best
practices and learn from each other - peer to peer.
Inspired Work: Accelerate innovation giving us the agility to meet the needs of our
changing business.
Example Vision Statement
We create a safe and open collaboration
platform for easy sharing of company data
and news between employees to improve
efficient execution of our strategies as part
of our culture of performance."
One Place for Employees to
Learn, Connect and Collaborate."
Example Vision Statement
We’re utilizing Yammer to provide a community for the team to:
• Collaborate seamlessly on projects
• Reduce duplication of work through better access to
• Harness the knowledge and power of our collective group
• Stay abreast of changes occurring throughout the team
• Learn and grow through intrinsic knowledge consumption
• Easily access information and updates from anywhere
Transforming the way our department connects with each
other, works together on tasks or projects, communicates
with leadership, and streamlines processes for efficiency
and clarity.
A Clear Vision is the Foundation
of the Change Management Plan
The customer released this video at the start of their
network launch. It clearly conveys the company’s
vision for their Yammer network in a way that makes
individuals see the direct benefit to themselves and to
the organization.
Activity 1 – Vision Statement
Each CSM is responsible for creating one vision
statement for one of their customers.
Within the “Yammer-CRMOL Training Group,”
find your Social Playbook you started in the previous
In the note, complete the Step 1 – Vision Statement.
Publish the note.