Writing Your Resume

The Step by Step Guide
Sponsored by the Career Center
 To understand the basic structure of a resume
 To know what gets a resume notice
 Not giving enough good information about you
 Not being savvy about online job applications
 Not targeting your resume to the job
 Not selling yourself and hoping an employer will find
your worth
 Having only one resume
 Not editing your resume, and not having someone else
edit it too!
Purpose of a Resume: to create an interest in
you so that you land the interview
How do you do that?
1. Have a unique selling point or branding statement
2. Be clear, concise and organized
What are the qualities, strengths, and talents that make
you unique?
Who am I? What are your values, interests, goals?
What kind of job am I interested in?
What knowledge, skills or talents do I have?
Deep Dive Analysis
Why would an employer hire me over others who are
What is my unique value & how will this impact my
future employer?
What guarantee can I make my future employer?
What in my past can I use to substantiate my personal
brand or USP?
 Identification
 Profile
 Education
 Experience
 Achievements/Scholarships/Awards
 Skills
John B. Smith
2991 Main Street
Batavia, OH 45106
(513) 555-1234
[email protected]
The Profile Statement replaces the Objective on earlier
versions of resumes, and includes:
 The type of work you are searching for
 Your best skills, knowledge & abilities
 The type of organization /industry you are targeting
 Excellent student in Medical Assistant Program with
clinical experience seeking to utilize organizational
and customer service skills.
 A position in the financial industry, utilizing my
strong analytical skills and accounting experience.
 Diversified accounting and finance student with
experience in the banking industry, including
accounts payable and budget management.
School, City and State
Degree, Major
graduation date
Honors, GPA
University of Cincinnati, Batavia, OH
May, 2012
Associates of Technical Studies, Multi-Skilled Health
List the skills you have that are important in the
functioning of this position.
Skills can be listed in a line or as bullets.
Company, City & State
duties using action words
show results
use correct tense
Dates employed
Best Burger in Town, Williamsburg, Oh May, 2008- present
 Handle cash transactions with 99.9% accuracy
 Demonstrate teamwork and flexibility by being available
on short notice
Name of award and who gave it
Note: list at least 2 – if you have only 1 to list, then add it
in the appropriate category