Cover Letter and Resume Outline: What to include

Cover Letter and Resume Outline: What to include...
When emailing your cover letter and resume you should put document into a PDF
Cover Letter Outline
Your Present Address City, State, Zip Code Date of Letter
Name Title
Company/Organization Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:
Paragraph 1: “Why Am I Writing?” Identify the position you are applying for or the vocational
interest area you are inquiring about. Identify how you heard of the opening or organization.
Identify why you decided to contact the employer.
Paragraph 2: “Who Am I and Why Should You Hire Me?” Identify your skills, experiences and
qualities that relate to the position (or interest area). Highlight one or two of your strongest
qualifications and explain how they relate to the needs of the employer. Do not restate the facts
that are on your resume (“Through my public relations internship at WWOW, I have developed
selling and communication skills that are essential to the position of X,” sounds more informative
than, “I have worked in public relations as an intern”). Explain why you are specifically interested
in the employer and the type of work/location, etc.
3rd Section: “My Next Step?” Refer the reader to the enclosed application, resume, vita, and/or
status of other required documents. Close the letter with a strong interest in pursuing the next
step of an informational interview, an employment interview, and/or additional information or
application. Thank the employer for their time and let them know you hope to hear from them
soon. Clearly indicate whether you or the employer will follow up and what the next step will be.
Handwritten Signature – when mailing
Typed Name
Resume Outline: (CV)
(use a blank word document – no template; font no smaller than 11; smallest margins - .7 top, .5 bottom; 1 page)
Contact Details
Your first name and last name
Your address
Home or cell phone (one phone number)
Email address (school or professional)
Profile: One to three sentences that describe you and your strengths based on position you are applying to
Education and Training
Include any college education
Include the school name, city and state
Include high level awards and accolades – ex: Dean’s List, GPA
Skills / Coursework
List the skills you possess that apply to this job
While still in college, list 6 to 8 courses that relate to the organization or position you are trying to get
Add fluent language skills
Clinical Experience/ Work Experience
In your career history include job titles, company names and the dates you worked for each company. With
dates, use the month and the year.
Begin with and spend more time on your most recent work experience. Include company, city and state
information but not salary information.
If you have more than ten years of career history, you can condense your earlier experience.
Be sure to put details of your experience with you in them:
- Service customer accounts (not enough personal detail)
- *(better) Service up to 100 accounts each month, providing answers to customer questions and
offering information on new opportunities
Accomplishments / Athletics / Clubs / Volunteer / Organizations
List four or five major achievements specific to your current or prospective role. Quantify the results as
much as possible. Include relevant trainings, seminars, professional associations, etc.
Project Work: Many students do not have a lot of relevant work experience, in place of that, have you
made a presentation in a class or done a research project that represents you well towards the position you
are trying to obtain
Separate page – 3 business / professor –
Name, Title, Email, Phone
Ask for a written reference when appropriate