Participating in Occupational Safety and Health

Participating in Occupational Safety and Health
Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2012-13
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Safety and health at work is everyone’s concern. It’s good for you. It’s good for business.
Rights, duties and playing your part
• Permanent employee, Agency worker, contractor?
• You need to be aware of issues that affect your health and safety at
− Your employer’s responsibilities
− Your rights and responsibilities
− How to contribute to safe and healthy work
In workplaces with health and safety culture
• Leadership is strong, with management:
− Demonstrating commitment to health and safety
− Creating the conditions for a partnership approach
• Everyone
− Participates fully
− Accepts their rights, roles and responsibilities in relation to health and
− Works together to prevent ill-health and injury
Why get involved?
• Because a safe workplace protects your health
• No one knows better than you how to do your job and how your work
affects you
• If everyone does their bit it can make a real difference
• Workplaces where employees are active in health and safety often
have lower accident rates
Rights and responsibilities
• You have the right to work in a place where risks to your health and
safety are properly controlled
• Your employer is mainly responsible for taking care of this, but you also
have a duty to help prevent ill-health and injury
What your employer must do for your health and safety
• Assess the risks and put in place preventive measures
• Tell you about risks and train you
• Provide toilets, drinking water, rest and first-aid facilities, and any
protective equipment and clothing
• Report injuries, diseases and dangerous incidents
• Work with other employers and contractors involved in the workplace
and temporary employment agencies
• Consult and involve you and your representatives over risks and safety
• National legislation and practices can vary in how consultation takes
What you must do
As an employee, you have a legal duty to:
• Do your job safely the way you have been trained, using the right
safety devices, personal protective equipment, etc.
• Cooperate with your employer on safety and health
• Tell your employer, supervisor or worker representative… if you think
the work or poor safety measures are posing a risk to health
Health and safety management needs worker
To involve you, your employer should:
• Encourage you to report safety problems
• Actively involve you in spotting problems
• Ask you to suggest ideas for improving safety measures
• Make it clear your ideas are valued and will be seriously considered
• Give you recognition for your idea
• Explain which ideas they will take forward and which they won’t and
A two-way process
Worker involvement is a two-way process where employers and
their employees/employee representatives:
• Talk and listen to one another
• Raise concerns and solve problems together
• Seek and share views and information
• Discuss issues in good time
• Make decisions together
Get involved!
You know the risks in your workplace – get involved to help manage
them and raise health and safety standards for you and your
• Be ready to:
− Cooperate
− Speak up
− Be assertive
− Pay attention
− Accept feedback
Ways of getting involved
• Ask questions, make suggestions
• Report any accidents and health and safety problems
• Speak to your worker representative
• Participate in any activities to involve workers
• Tell your doctor if you think any health problems could be work-related.
Young worker / New to the job?
When you first start a job you are particularly prone to accidents. To
protect yourself:
• Ask questions during training
• If you are unsure of something, check with your supervisor
• Consult more experienced co-workers
• Speak up with ideas or observations
Find out more about your health and safety at work
• EU-OSHA webpages on worker participation
• EU-OSHA campaign site
• EU-OSHA factsheets in 24 languages
• Your national health and safety authority
• Trade unions and trade associations
• Work accident insurance organisations
Workplaces where employers and employees work together on
OSH are safer for everyone
Network-based campaigning
Core strength: national focal points and tripartite networks.
But also … engage other stakeholders/partners
• Official campaign partners (Pan-European and international
organisations) including social partners, NGOs, sectoral federations
and networks, private companies
• EU institutions including European Commission, EU Parliament, EU
EU agencies, Enterprise Europe Network
How to get involved?
The campaign is open to all individuals and organisations. You can
get involved by:
• Disseminating campaign information and materials
• Joining in with one of the many events, conferences, competitions,
advertising campaigns – taking place during the campaign
• Organising your own activities
Campaign partnership offer
Pan-European organisations can also apply to be campaign
partners. The Agency offers:
• Partner certificate
• Welcome pack
• Promotion at EU level and in the media
• Online Communication Platform
• Partner web section
European Good Practice Awards
• Recognise outstanding and innovative contributions
• Encourage managers and workers to work together
• Enhance workplace safety and health
• EU Member States, EEA, Western Balkans and Turkey
• Two categories:
− Workplaces employing fewer than 100 people
− Those with 100 or more workers
• Winners chosen from entries submitted by national focal points
• Campaign guide
• Practical guides for workers and managers
• Good practice examples
• News about campaign events
• Presentations and animated video clips
• All available in 24 languages
Key dates
• Campaign launch
18 April 2012
• European Weeks for
Safety and Health at Work
October 2012 and 2013
• Good Practice Awards Ceremony
April 2013
• Healthy Workplaces Summit
November 2013
Further information
• Visit the campaign website
• To find out about events and activities in your country, contact your
national focal point
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