S.A.T. Vocabulary Practice
S.A.T. Vocabulary Practice
Look at your October S.A.T. vocabulary list
and try to determine which words would
best complete the sentences on the
following slide. Hint: They are all words
you worked with yesterday.
S.A.T. Vocabulary Practice
1. The smoke from the fireworks
____________________ shortly after the
show was over.
2. The thief ________________ with my radio
long before I noticed it was missing.
3. It is easy to practice _________________ if
you are a billionaire.
“Lamb to the Slaughter”
Wrap Up
Look at the cartoon on the next three
slides. What kind of Irony does it
represent? Why?
A Don Martin cartoon from Mad
“Lamb to the Slaughter”
Wrap Up
1. Mary Maloney just murdered her husband
and is now carrying out a clever plan to escape
punishment, yet most readers find her a
sympathetic character. How does Dahl create
sympathy for the character?
2. Cite two examples of situational irony. What
clues, or foreshadowing (if any), does Dahl give
to prepare us for the unexpected?
“Lamb to the Slaughter”
Wrap Up
3. Now that you have read the story, what do
you think the title means? Is it appropriate? Is
it ironic? How is it a play on words.