The Five People You Meet in Heaven

By Mitch
Realistic Fiction
PG #: 196
“All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time…”
-Mitch Albom
Eddy is an old man who has been living out the one life he always dreaded to live…. His fathers. This isn’t how
Eddy had ever planned it to be like. When he was young Eddy was determined to get away from the Pier. He had
big dreams to leave and go places!!
It all seemed like a great plan until the war (world war 2). Eddy came back with a bummed knee because of a bullet
that doctors could not dislodge and continued his life with a limp in every other step.
Time lost its meaning to him.
Eddy became the maintenance man at Ruby Pier and began living the life of his father… the one he had tried so
hard to avoid.
Then one day Eddy is killed…..
He meets five people in heaven…..
Five people that were in his life at one point in time. They are there to explain
to him why things happened the way they did.
Read to see who Eddy’s five people are…
This book is wonderful!! Its not a top of my favorite book
list but I love the way it makes you think about the
“world beyond death”. It is very interesting to see the
point of view of what Mitch Albom thinks about what
could really happened after you died.
What do YOU expect when you get to heaven?
What do YOU picture it to be like?
These are some quizzes you can take when you finish!!!
(The address above takes you to a quiz about the quotes from various
characters from the book.)
(This one is about the 5 people Eddy meets in heaven!)