TSUGA - Growth Model Users Group

A forum for fostering an open exchange of ideas about
modeling techniques that support timber supply
Weikko Jaross, Cramer Fish Sciences
Gareth Waugh, Port Blakely Tree Farms
GIS System
Forest Inventory
Compilation of
 What need does TSUGA fill?
 Limited advanced vendor
training (non-specific)
Cost and travel of vendor
Similarities in modeling
Range of abilities and skill
Networking / Support
Growth Model
Yield Tables
Grown Inventory
Forest Estate
Modeling / Timber
Supply Modeling
Sensitivity Testing
What ifs?
Legislative Impacts?
Mgmt Impacts?
Tsuga Scope
Management Policy
Annual Valuation
Limited Tactical
Planning Assistance
 Not restricted to any software type
 Aimed at professional analysts in timber industry
 Welcoming of academic / student / govt participation
 No dues
 Informal meetings with presentations
 Forum to bring problems / challenges
 Methods for developing geographic information
system routines for defining land classifications
(automated riparian buffers, etc.)
Methods for developing growth and yields projections
from permanent plot systems and growth models.
Methods for informing economic and financial
Methods for informing watershed and habitat
processes related to timber supply modeling
Tips and tricks to building and formulating timber
supply models.
 February 9th (Thursday) 9.00am
 Port Blakely Tree Farms
8133 River Drive SE
Tumwater, WA 98501
 Anticipate quarterly meetings held thereafter with
presentations and issues brought up from the group.
 To get on the list email tsugapnw@gmail.com