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nusoy – Yosun Chang (developer), Jim Bennell (artist)
Copyright © 1995-2012 SAMSUNG All rights reserved
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nusoy – Yosun Chang (developer), Jim Bennell (artist)
Turn your Galaxy Note into a realistic circuit board!
An early educational circuit assembly and soldering app that turns your Galaxy Note
into a virtual circuit board and your S Pen into a solder iron.
Assemble the circuit, then it’s virtual soldering time! Use your finger to move the
solder, two-finger twist to change its angle on the plane, and touch the pen on the
solder to melt it. Be careful not to put solder in the wrong places! Features realistic
3D solder simulation with mesh morph manipulation the longer you touch your
S Pen “soldering iron” to the tablet, and gyroscope augmented reality 3D perspective
Coming soon: Virtual to real - Once you have virtually completed and soldered your
circuit, you can order a real one to be delivered by snail mail straight to your door! Or,
you can order the same assembly kit to assemble it yourself, in real life.
Copyright © 1995-2012 SAMSUNG All rights reserved
Copyright © 1995-2012 SAMSUNG All rights reserved
Audience: Students and hobbyists – both with budgets to purchase educational tools
Re-usability: The app backbone is a basic circuit simulation engine, that students can
use to learn a whole host of other circuit assembly hands-on techniques. The
barebones of a platform have been designed for this competition.
Experience: The audience seeks realistic hands-on assembly of circuits!
Uniqueness: This is the first app to feature 3D circuit creation simulation, using a
stylus as a soldering iron.
Versatile realistic 3d simulation: No other realistic circuit simulator out there focuses
on the hands-on experience of circuit assembly, while offering realistic gesture motifs
for soldering techniques. Pro-tip: hold the stylus longer on the joint-solder unit and
watch it spread! Be sure to move the solder so that it is touching the joint; drag with
your finger - the motion is like that of stiff solder wire. Another tip: the sponge gets
dirty when you clean the soldering iron too much! Yet Another tip: try tapping
around for loose circuit parts in Assembly Mode to make sure everything is in the
right place.
Educational and Technically Innovative: pushes the limits of what mobile can do
S Pen represents a real tool, that is traditionally both expensive and dangerous
Copyright © 1995-2012 SAMSUNG All rights reserved
I made the application to create a new way to learn to solder.
My target audience is primarily students, hobbyists, and the general public learning
about circuit assembly and soldering.
My goal is to help everyone be able to have hands-on circuit assembly experience,
anywhere they are on their mobile device. I hope to be able to develop an entire
curriculum with the app, and let others add their own circuits for globally accessible
3D assembly of any circuit!
• Completely Safe: No one can get burnt from a S Pen, but a hot soldering iron and
fumes from the lead in solder can lead to some nontrivial hazards.
• Portable: Learn and practice circuit soldering anywhere your S Pen device goes!
• No Materials Cost: Soldering and assembling circuits can be very expensive, but
with this 3D virtual simulator, you get the full experience for (nearly) free!
• Superb for Learning
• In the classroom, for students K-12
• Try out circuit assembly and soldering at home!
• Hobbyists – anyone who wants to learn about circuit assembly interactively
• Cool trick to show off by any S Pen tablet owner: “I can turn my device into a
circuit board, and the S Pen becomes the soldering iron! (Now, watch me solder!)”
Copyright © 1995-2012 SAMSUNG All rights reserved
Initially, when I found that SPen SDK required a SPen Canvas View, I felt discouraged
because it seemed Samsung wanted only traditional 2D drawing apps. Later, when
v2.1 of the SDK was released to allow for overlay on top of a GL Surface, my 3D idea
became possible with S Pen!
We designed the circuit diagram on a real Galaxy Note -- you can see the sketch
from S Memo in the Assemble Circuit activity.
We have built the foundations of a unique engine, and we hope to add even more
realistic features, such as asymmetrical solder mesh morphs, rusted solder iron, and
more -- One day, we hope to turn this app into a multiuser realistic 3D circuit
building and simulation platform – for everyone to use!
Copyright © 1995-2012 SAMSUNG All rights reserved
Copyright © 1995-2012 SAMSUNG All rights reserved
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