Troubleshooting PCB`s Powerpoint

Bad Solder Joint
Solder Mask
Bad Solder Joints
Measuring Continuity
Troubleshooting your board
Troubleshooting - discovering and eliminating the
cause of trouble in equipment
If your board is not working, possible troubleshooting techniques are:
• Immediately shut off power if you smell or see smoke
• Make sure there is power to your circuit
• Make sure your connections are correct
Visual Inspection of board including solder joints, shorts, opens
Measure continuity
Be sure to have the correct orientation of components
Check to make sure schematic is correct
• Check to make sure connections on schematic match those on the layout
• Make sure components on in correct spot
• Make sure you bought the right components
• Check that components are good components
Possible Fixes to Problem Boards
Touch up solder joints by adding heat
Re-solder Components
Adding Jumper Wires
Cutting Copper Traces