Presentation of Trabzon

Presentation of Trabzon
Produce by:
 Barlas ORAN
 MSc Erasmus Student in Uni Hamburg
 01/12/2010
The Place of Turkey in the World
The Place of Trabzon in Turkey
Neighboring Provinces of Trabzon
 Giresun in the west: 137km
 Rize the east: 76km
 Gümüşhane in south-west: 100km
 Bayburt in south-east: 120km
 Black sea in north
Distance of Some Important Places
 Samsun: 346 km
 Ankara(Capital city of Turkey): 763 km
 İstanbul: 1079 km
 İzmir: 1349 km
 Antalya: 1290 km
 Bursa: 1093 km
The Population of Trabzon
 1990 Population Census: 216.605
 1997 Population Census: 239.683
 2000 Population Census: 28.857
 2007Population Census: 293.512
 New incoming students in university each year is the most
reason for the increase in population
How can I go to Trabzon?
 Plane (The most widely used in)
 Bus(lower prices than plane)
 Passenger liner(rarely used)
Livelihood Activities in Trabzon
 1.Tourism
 2.Agricultural products
 3.Sports
 4.Fishing
1.Types of Tourism in Trabzon
 Tableland tourism: There are several plateaus and tableland
in Trabzon(The most important of them is Ayder tableland
and Uzungöl tableland)
 Mountain Tourism
 Religious tourism(There are very few in the world, this type
of tourism). Christians comes on August 15 every year in
Monastery Sumela. Christians in this day of accepted as:‘On
the ascension of the Virgin Mary into heaven’.
2.Types of Agricultural Products
 Trabzon is not common in the agricultural place.But The
most important agricultural products are nuts and tea.
Types of agricultural products
3.Types of Sports
 Football: Trabzon's local team which it names Trabzonspor
the first place inTurkish Super league at the moment. There
are many football club out of it.
 Boxing: There are many professional boxer in Trabzon.
Selçuk AYDIN was world champion last year in this area
 Fishing is one of the most important livelihood activities of
Black Sea region.
 We have traditional fish which names is ‘hamsi’
Education in Trabzon
 There are many educational institutions from primary
education up to university in Trabzon.
 The most important of them Black Sea Technical University.
This university is the fifth biggest university in Turkey. There
are 40,000 students at this university
Trabzon Icons
2.Monastery Sumela
4.Women collecting tea
5.Black Sea technical University
8.Tableland of Ayder