Şevval was born in 3rd of July in 1996 as a Kader and İdris’s firstborn in Trabzon.
Firstly, I should tell something about Şevval’s parents because they are her reason for
existence. In 1963 29th of October, a boy was born in Trabzon who calls İdris and he went to
primary school, secondary school and high school in Trabzon. And then, he went to Sivas for
university in Civil Technician department and the started to working in a primary school such
a teacher after this he has worked in Credit and Dormitories agency, he is still working here
such a civil servant. Kader was born in 1st of March in Trabzon. She went to primary school,
secondary school and high school in same city. After high school graduation, she started to
working in Ankara such as an accountant. Two years later, she moved to Trabzon again. In
1995, Kader and İdris met and they decided to marry. In 3rd of July in 1996, the world’s
beautiful daughter was born. She was really cute baby and all of people who saw her want to
care this baby girl Şevval. Until she was six years old, her uncle’s wife looked after the baby.
So that, they moved same apartment, family apartment with her uncle and aunt. She grew up
with her cousins and lovely family. When she was six years old, she started to kindergarten
and then she continued to primary and secondary school at the same school. While she started
the primary school, her parents could not resist her insistencies and they had a new daughter,
Zeynep, in 9th of September 2002. She went to kindergarten, primary school, secondary
school and high school in Trabzon too, like her sister and parents and she is still student at
high school. After a little detail about Şevval’s sister, I should turn back to her high school
life. When she made high school preference, she decided that, she wants to study at a social
sciences high school with English preparatory class. She got into Rize Social Sciences High
School and started to live in school's dormitory. After graduation from high school, she got
into Business Administration department in Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University. She started
B level to preparatory class and passed this class on January exam so that she continued as an
irregular student in Business Administration department. First years, she really forced
because of she wants to finish this university just four years within preparatory class. So that,
she took many lectures to finish school at the time she wants. In her first year at university,
she tried to learn Spanish and joined to Spanish lessons. In second years summer, she was
intern in Anadolu Insurance Company’s Istanbul Regional Directorate in operation
department. In last summer, she went to United States of America with work and travel
program, three months she worked in a restaurant and after finished it, she traveled Chicago,
Los Angeles and New York. Now, she is still student at Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University
and it is her last year (I hope).
Her Life Through to Şevval’s Opinion
Until I was six years old, I was the unique child of my family and I was the only little
child in my father’s family. My mom works in state so that my uncle’s wife looked after to
me. I was an only child but I had cousins like real sisters and brothers. My childhood was
almost perfect but I had a deficient –a sister or brother-. Finally, when I was six years old, my
sister was born and this year had so much differences for me because I started to primary
school and I had a sister. My first form teacher was really strong and social woman and she
affected me so much. I have made lots of friends from my primary school and still we are
really good friends. I continued in same school and same class in secondary school. When I
was six, I was interested in swimming and when I was eleven, I was interested in basketball
also I played it almost five years. Then, I moved to Rize for high school and I studied five
years within preparatory class. This school contributed my personal development, I learnt
how can I live without my parents and taking correct decisions alone. My high school friends
are important for me because we did not live with our families, we just had each other and we
were huge family. Rize Social Sciences High School taught me good level English, Ottoman
Turkish, German and academic writing. I joined a few article competitions and won some
prizes. After high school graduation, I won Business Administration department in Ankara
Yildirim Beyazit University. The department is which I want but I wanted to go Middle East
Technical University. But now, I am good with my university because of language is English
and my lecturers are really good. In my first year, I passed the exam and started to
department on January so that I’m irregular student and it is really difficult for me. I tried to
learn Spanish in my first year and joined courses for this and I learnt three level of Spanish
but now I can remember just basic worlds. In second year’s, summer I was intern in Anadolu
Insurance Company in Istanbul. I worked in operation department and I learnt so many things
about working in a big company, working in operation department, details about insurance
and how should I work with people in a company. It was really good experience for me and I
want to live in Istanbul so it was like a trailer of my life. And last summer, I went to United
States of America with work and travel program, it was totally different experience for me. I
developed my English and I gained courage for speaking English. I worked in a kitchen such
as kitchen assistant with perfect people and I have a close friend from there who calls Lydia.
And I met with different culture, learnt different culture. Especially, natives are affected me
too much. I traveled three big cities in United States of America such as New York, Chicago
and Los Angeles. It was definitely perfect and probably it was my first and last time in the
I like to do yoga in course and meditation. Youtube is my favorite application, I spend
most of my free time with it. And I like hang out with my friends as all young people like. I
live alone so that, I have to cook something and I like to cook different recipes. I really love
make up and learning new things about it, trying new brands and watching youtubers and
influencers who interest with makeup. I am interest with photography, I have a professional
photography machine and polaroid machine.