Assistant Director – Organisation Development

Assistant Director – Organisation Development
Reports to
Director of Human Resources
£72,900 to £81,000
A key member of the HR Leadership team, the Change/OD
lead will be responsible for ensuring that the Council is able
to develop the corporate capabilities required to successfully
transition from current state to Future Council.
Bringing external thinking and challenge into BCC and
through an ability to synthesise and customise approaches
and solutions that cross disciplines, the Change/OD lead will
drive the agenda for change through a comprehensive
understanding of organisation development and design and
the development of strong relationships with key
To lead a team of OD/change experts to develop required
organisational capabilities and competencies to deliver
Future Council, developing internal skills and ensuring the
creation of a robust and broadly based skill set.
Provide high level strategic support to Chief Officers and
Members and use insights to create effective OD enablers
for corporate deployment.
Working closely with HRBPs, SMTs and DMTs create
bespoke and effective OD interventions that drive effective
change across and within teams – resulting in the creation of
a coherent and effective organisation.
To be the senior professional lead for:-
Duties and
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Organisation Development
Organisation Effectiveness
Organisational Design
Organisational Engagement and Culture
Succession and Talent Management,
Restructure strategy and oversight and integration,
Future organisation – TOM and its delivery, capability
and capacity identification
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Performance management and the creation of an
outcome based culture
change projects and programmes across the City
learning and development
To develop OD Solutions to support organisational strategy,
development and design, ensuring they are aligned with
overall business objectives and the council’s Annual Plan
and performance indicators.
To ensure that people
management indicators are integral to the council planning
To develop and implement effective and innovative learning
and development strategies to ensure that the workforce has
the required skills and abilities to meet current and future
business needs in line with council objectives.
To ensure the availability of high quality and relevant
development interventions through internal sources and
working in partnership with external providers where
To lead and develop the strategic elements of service
redesign within the organisation to support and enable the
delivery of improvements to service delivery and service
outcomes through job and role redesign.
To liaise with HR Services ensuring the development and
redesign of people management policies and strategies to
ensure they are in line with the changing environment and
that they enable the delivery of outcomes associated with
transformation programmes.
To establish and build effective and collaborative
relationships with colleagues, internal and external partners.
To design and implement staff rewards schemes which,
recognises excellent performance.
To act as an exemplar of change – role modelling the
required values and behaviours and supporting others to do
Lead on cultural change across the council through a variety
of different methods including implementing action plans
following staff surveys, enabling line managers to manage
more effectively their staff.
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To provide strategic advice on change management
initiatives to including the following:
Organisational/Directorate restructures
Job role redesign
TUPE transfers
To play an active role in external networks to ensure that
leading edge external thinking is brought into BCC.
To forge strong relationships with senior stakeholders such
as the Directorate and corporate Senior Management Teams
and Cabinet Members.
Work with the senior stakeholders in the development of a
people agenda which is built on and an integral part of the
directorate and organisational strategy and goals.
Assistant Director – Organisation Development
Person Specification
Method of Assessment (MOA)
AF = Application Form; I = Interview; T = Test or Exercise; P = Presentation
All BCC employees are expected to understand and be committed to
equal opportunities and diversity in employment and service delivery.
I, P
A thorough understanding of local government and its context and in
particular the people issues within the local government sector.
In-depth understanding of OD tools and practices.
Clear and comprehensive track record of working effectively with
senior teams through and beyond transformational change initiatives
AF & I
Experience of working with teams and individuals and creating
bespoke OD solutions
AF & I
Change and transformation experience
Ability to work effectively in a political environment, recognising,
respecting and managing where differences may exist
AF & I
Strong external focus with a clear involvement in leading edge
thinking as well as a comprehensive personal commitment to CPD
and learning
AF & I
Ability to provide visible and supportive leadership, empowering,
enabling, motivating and developing the workforce and fostering a
positive organisational culture.
AF & I
Highly developed networking, partnership, advocacy, negotiating and
presentation skills that are persuasive and influential with others.
Ability to maintain a clear strategic overview of issues affecting the
Council and the City in realising the political vision and priorities.
AF & I
Ability to operate effectively and openly within the democratic
process, with the political acumen and skills to develop and maintain
productive working relationships with Elected Members that underpin
trust and confidence.
AF & I
Strong analytical and interpretive skills demonstrating that the
knowledge gained can be intelligently applied
Knowledge and understanding of the legislative framework within
AF & I
(Relevant work
and other
Skills & Ability
e.g. written
skills, dealing
with the public
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Local Government and issues relevant to service responsibilities.
Values and
Ability to work in a highly pressurised environment and manage
competing priorities.
A personal commitment to using customer insight to determine
service delivery.
We are true to our word: When we make promises we keep them.
AF & I
AF & I
Makes time to build trusting relationships
Makes sure people who are affected are involved and kept well informed
Gives people ongoing feedback that helps them improve their
Shows s/he believes in what they say
Promptly addresses any problems
We act courageously: We lead, we manage and we tackle the
difficult issues: every day, every one of us.
Unafraid to ask challenging questions
Courage to speak out on difficult issues
Uses h/her initiative to do something different
Has difficult conversations when necessary
Embraces new ways of working to encourage change
We put citizens first: We are empathetic and respectful in everything
we do.
Makes time to listen carefully to people to understand their needs
Treats all people with complete respect and understanding
Puts themselves in the shoes of the residents to deal with their issues
Is a patient and helpful person
Always treats people with kindness - 'the human touch'
We achieve excellence: We get things right. First time every time.
He/she give's their very best every day
Looks for ways to keep doing his/her job better
Helps other people achieve and celebrate their goals
Recognises mistakes and does something to put it right Asks for
feedback to improve his or her performance
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Asks for feedback to improve his or her performance
Behaviours for
Shaping the Future: We all share and communicate the same vision
for the future council.
Ensures people have a clear, shared understanding of the vision for the
Searches for great practices and ideas from outside the council to make
BCC even better
Ensures people know what steps they'll need to take, to achieve the
future vision, achieve outcomes and make a difference
Achieves a good balance between short-term operational issues and
longer term strategic goals
Encourages people to try out new ways and ideas to improve things
Positive Leadership: We create a climate of positivity that inspires
people to do their best work.
Inspires people to act in the public interest of Birmingham
Makes people feel valued
Is visible and accessible to all staff at all levels
Recognises and celebrates progress
Focuses on solutions, rather than problems
Promoting Collaboration: We work across and outside the council,
to share knowledge and skills, and jointly solve problems.
Proactively supports and promotes working with people and teams
outside his/her own area and council where appropriate
Readily collaborates and co-creates with communities, internal & external
partners and all staff , to achieve better public outcomes
Looks for feedback from others and ways to improve his/her performance
Looks for way to create common goals with others outside his/her own
Actively builds networks across and outside of the council
Raising Performance: We create the environment to enable people
to be the best they can be.
Gives people ongoing feedback and coaching that helps them improve
their performance
Makes sure people are clear about what he/she expects from them (what
"good" or "excellent" looks like)
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Is clear he/she expects high performance. Will not tolerate average or
poor performance
Promptly addresses under performance, when needed
Identifies, attracts, develops and retains exceptional talent
Driving Innovation and Improvement: We are relentlessly curious
and open to new ways of working to improve the council.
Welcomes change and responds quickly to changing situations
Rigorously focuses resources on the priorities that make the biggest
contribution to the future council vision
Creates a climate where constructive challenge and new ideas are
Always questions if we could do things differently to get better
Is open to new ideas, whoever or wherever they come from
NB: Full regard
must be paid to
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Professionally qualified to FCIPD level or equivalent.
AF & C
Committed to continual professional development for themselves and
their team.
AF & I