Emily Mollohan
Basic Tips
Spend time with them
 Learn
about them and their family
 Hang out with them when family members come to visit
 Ask questions about them and their lives!
 Talking with them is also another way to practice the
 Stay in more nights instead of going out all the time
 You
can party with Americans in the United States, get to
know your host parents
Basic Tips
Follow cultural customs that you learn
 ie.
If the population follows a routine, do the same thing
they do
 It is the easiest way to learn the language culture, and
immerse yourself
Don’t be afraid to try new things. It’s not good or
bad, it’s just different.
Be open minded
 This
will give you the best experience!
Basic Tips
If you studying language, ask them for help with
your homework.
 They
want you to study, learn and be successful
 My host mom would check our homework and help us
with our language practice constantly
Some host parents, do it for the money and some do
it for the enjoyment of hosting international students
 Make
sure you figure out which one your host parents
are in order to understand your boundaries
Basic Tips
When filling out a housing survey to be matched
with a family, BE HONEST!
 Two
parents vs. single parent?
 Kids vs. no kids?
 No smoking?
 No pets?
 Certain foods you can’t eat
 Family structure preferred
Basic Tips
Always follow cultural customs
 Some
things that we consider polite are not always
viewed the same in other countries.
Use them to learn about their country
 Government
 History
 Sight-seeing
and politics
Basic Tips
Ask them for tips:
 What
to see/what not to see?
 How to get there
 Where to go/where not to go?
 Where to buy certain items?
Talk to your host parents!
Learn the language
 DO
NOT expect them to speak YOUR language, you
are in THEIR country and should be learning the
language and culture
If your plans change, call them and let them know
when they can expect you home!
Let them know when you are coming and going
 If
you are going out and not coming back until the
morning, TELL THEM!
 If you are not home when you told them, they may call
your program provider
 Your
program provider will NOT be happy if they have to
try and track you down while they are worried for your
Tell them if you don’t like a food item that they cook
 They
will not be mad, they will respect your
 They want to know how to make your stay enjoyable
and successful.
 Answer food questions honestly
 It is better to say you don’t like the food before they
cook it, than to not finish your plate
Respecting Them
Ask for permission
 In
this case it is easier to be told “No” than to get into
trouble for doing something wrong
Treat their items better than you do your own
 Don’t
wipe mascara on washcloths
 Don’t use items without permission
 Don’t touch items that are fragile or delicate
Respecting Them
Adjust to THEIR routine, don’t try to make them
adjust to your routine!
If you break something on accident, tell them.
Always be honest about everything.
DO NOT have guests over unless they are invited by
your host parents.
Don’t ask your host parents if you can have guest
I had a great homestay experience
and I hope you do too!