Romeo and Juliet

Act II, Scene III
Read pages 63-66
Friar-Friend to Romeo, Foil (contrast) to the Nurse
 What images of night the friar mention?
 What does the Friar say about the power of herbs?
 What does the friar say about good turning to to evil and evil to
 How does the friar react to Romeo’s immediate request to
marriage to Juliet?
 What does Romeo tell the Friar about wanting to marry Juliet?
 Why does the Friar finally agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?
 Romeo rushes off at the end of the scene. Why does the Friar
advise him to move “wisely and slow”? How does his advice leave
a sense that danger lies ahead?
Act I, Scene 3
 Why might the nurse feel especially strong affection for Juliet?
 In what ways does the nurse exhibit an earthiness, bawdiness
and frankness? How does this establish for the reader the nurse’s
place in the Capulet household?
What is the double meaning of the word “marry” spoken by Lady
How do you suppose Juliet is feeling during the conversation
between her mother and the nurse regarding marriage to Paris?
Which images in this speech compare Paris to a fine book?
How does Juliet show that she is a dutiful daughter?
What impression is left about Juliet from this scene? How does
she differ from Romeo’s portrayal in the previous scenes?
Act I, Scene 4
Language: Wordplay or Puns
Being but heavy, I will bear the light.
You have dancing shoes/With nimble soles; I
have a soul of lead /So stakes me to the ground.
Borrow Cupid’s wings/And soar with them above
common bound.
Romeo: I am too sore enpierced with his shaft/To
soar with his light feathers
What is the meaning of this wordplay?
Act I, Scene 4
 How do Romeo and Mercutio differ in their attitudes
about love?
 Paraphrase the following passage:
A torch for me! Let wantons light of heart
Tickle the senseless rushes with their heels;
For I am proverbed with a grandsire phrase,
I’ll be a candle holder and look on;
The game was ne’er so fair, and I am done
 How is Romeo’s decision to attend the party despite a
warning dream part of the rising action?
Queen Mab-Part I
 How is Mercutio trying to get Romeo’s mind off serious
thoughts about dreams and their significance?
 What does Queen Mab have to do with Romeo?
 Just like a midwife assists in the birth of a baby, Queen Mab
assists in the “birth” of what?
 What illusory material makes up the equipment of Queen
Mab? What is the connection of these materials to dreams?
Queen Mab part II
 Write down the examples of the dreamers mentioned
in the speech and their wish fulfillments.
 How do the fulfillments contradict Romeo’s idea that
his dream has some sort of prophetic wisdom?
 What details demonstrate Mab as a mischief maker?
How do these details show a change in Mercutio’s
 Romeo again expresses feelings that something
terrible will happen. Which words in his speech
suggest that he is going to party because he is in the
hands of fate?