Skittles Lab

Skittles: Taste the Rainbow Lab
Writing the Perfect Lab Report
Skittles: Taste the Rainbow
• Research Problem: Does the flavor of
a Skittle reflect the outer color?
What do we need to know?
• What is a “blind” taste test?
• What is a “double blind” taste test?
• What colors are there in original
• What are the flavors of the colors?
• Example:
• What not to do:
• Real Life Example:
The Rainbow Colors and Flavors
Google the
colors and
flavors of
Original Skittles
• Orange = Orange
• Yellow = Lemon
• Green = Green Apple
• Red = Strawberry
• Purple = Grape
Experiment Ideas
• Think of a minimum of 3 experiment
• Remember, our research question is:
Does the flavor of a Skittle reflect
the outer color?
Skittles: Taste the Rainbow
• Chose one and SUMMARIZE
• Don’t write anything down yet. Let’s
discuss and agree on a procedure.
• We will be combining class data
• Manipulated variable:
• The color of the skittle
• Responding variable:
• If the person gets the color right
• Control variables:
• Same skittles, all blind-folded, same # of
skittles, rinse water after each taste
• Control Group
 Manufacturers suggestion of flavor
• Repeated Trials:
• X10
• If _________________, then______________,
(manipulated var.)
(responding var.)
• Make sure it answers the research question:
• Does the flavor of a Skittle reflect the outer
• Think back to the ice-cream sundae
procedure: THAT’S the level of detail
we need.
• (Smart Board directions)
• You & Partner are responsible for 10
• We will be combining the class data
• What is your manipulated variable?
• What is your responding variable?
• You will graph the class data.
• Make sure your graph includes:
• Title
• Labeled X and Y axis
• And is spread out
• Bar chart
• Key/Legend
Look at your blue checklist:
____Did you restate your hypothesis?
____Did you state if you hypothesis was
“supported” or “not supported”?
____Did you include your data to back up your
Reflection (#4)
____Did you report any problems or errors you had
AND suggest improvements for future