Parallel Teaching


Co-Teaching as Best Practice in Student Teaching Parallel Teaching Strategy


What is the greatest benefit in using this strategy?

LOOK FOR: The instruction and strategies used in both groups 2

In this approach, each teacher instructs half the students. The two teachers are addressing the same instructional material using the same teaching strategies. 3

• JSU Faculty: Watch either the elementary example or the secondary example • Elementary: Ms. Swindle and Ms Trued are both teaching about warm fronts, cold fronts, and stationary fronts. Each is teaching the same material to a small group of students. They are each using the same strategy for teaching the concept. Watch Video .

• Secondary: Mrs. Cooper and Mr. Green are teaching about plate tectonics. They are using the exact same method to teach the students. parallel teaching !

Watch Video . – NOTE: Look at this video again. This appears to be alternate teaching instead of 4