Week: December 16, 2013 Greetings family and friends, Reminder

Week: December 16, 2013
Greetings family and friends,
Reminder that the 2nd payment to Williamsburg was due November 22nd. If you have not submitted
payment, please do so promptly.
Take Home Reading – Assigned reading passages are posted on my website. NO summaries are due
this week.
Vocabulary this week is attached. There are NO spelling words. I don’t plan to give a quiz Friday, but
please review these words. They will be repeated after the break.
Science: We continue with our Weather unit. Students illustrated the 4 fronts as well as sea and
land breezes. They are really good! We will begin global weather patterns this week, and review
fronts and patterns after the break. We will also go to the STEAM lab January 13 and 14th.
Reading: We began Poetry vocabulary and made a flip book. Students are writing poetry with
alliteration. We are also catching up on some basal text stories. Objectives are main idea, author’s
view point and making judgments. We will begin a new novel Blood on the River, after break. This
will tie in the social studies 13 colonies. We will be doing a lot of technology with this book, digging
deep and learning a lot about colonization.
Grammar: verb tense (present, past, future).
Writing: Centers will focus on their portfolio rubric working with a partner. We are also continuing to
explore imaginative writing from picture cards and sharing our thoughts. This is a very creative way
to teach children to use adjectives in writing. Our next writing objective will be argumentative. We
will begin this after the new year. Students will have a formal writing assessment. Don’t panic, we
will be well prepared 
Students will be watching Tales of Despereaux Thursday afternoon and contrasting the movie to the
book. Please bring in a blanket, floor quilt and pillow to get comfortable.
Our holiday party will be Friday, December 20th, after lunch. Please come and share in the fun.
The PBIS (Positive Behavior System) Document our school recognizes gives a student no more than 3 opportunities a
week to make a good choice before the documented behavior is sent home for signature. Should your child come home
with a disciplinary form please know it was written AFTER we have talked repeatedly to your child about the choices
he/she is making, tried positive strategies in class, and have reflected. The form should be signed by a parent/guardian
and one copy returned to me. I would hope that should this occur, it would only be one time. Thank you for helping
support our school in creating a positive learning environment for all.
Thank you again everyone for all your support!
Best Regards,
Mrs. Corlett
“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” Henry Ford