Monday, 9/22/2014
1. Set up pg.21 of INB for CN.
• OBJ = SWBAT ID the processes that affect
• Topic = Heat transfer and weather fronts
2. Locate the terms weather & climate in
textbook and define on p. 21, then create a
Venn diagram on pg. 20 (left side of INB)
Monday, 9/22/2014
In Class:
1. Weather & climate starter in INB, Venn Diagram
2. Interpret the heat transfer diagram & review WS
3. CN: Air Masses and Fronts
4. Read page 461 as a group… set up CN in INB. Topic = Air
5. Pick a partner & decide who will read/take notes on
natural sources vs. human sources. Then pair and share
(exchanging notes).
1. Quick write: Winds occur because of convection currents
in the troposhere. How do you think winds affect air
Compare the terms in this diagram.
(How are they similar, how are
they different?
Let’s apply heat transfer to your life….
Why does this happen?