Unit 2 Journals - abclay

AP Language and Composition
“The Traveling Bra Salesman’s Lesson”
• These days, many complain that young people no longer
have a work ethic. What does that term mean to you? Do
you believe that you and your peers are motivated by
work ethic? Explain your response in terms of your own
experience and your reading.
“The Writing Life”
• What is the difference between a job and a career? Write
an essay explaining the distinction. Use support drawn
from your own experiences and observations.
• Discuss whether you agree or disagree with Carlyle’s
opening assertion that “there is a perennial nobleness,
and even sacredness, in Work.” Do you believe that this
statement applies more logically to certain professions,
such as artistic or service ones? Does it matter to Carlyle
what type of work a person does? Explain.
TKAM Journal 1
Choose ONE of the following topics
1. On p. 52, the narrator says that "Jem was a born hero."
What is a hero? Are they born or made? How is Jem a
2. In Chapter 5, Miss Maudie is described as "a reasonable
creature." What makes her "reasonable"? How would you
define a "reasonable creature" in your own life?
3. On p. 69, Jem tells Scout that she is "gettin' more like a
girl everyday.“ What does he mean? What is his definition
of "girl"? How has that changed from then to now?
TKAM Journal 2: conclusions
choose one of the topics below
1. What is a conclusion supposed to do? How do these
last chapters "do" this?
2. What conclusions does Scout come to at the end of the
3. What conclusions do you draw from the novel?