To Kill a mockingbird

Why did Scout dislike her first day of school?
She had conflicts with the teacher.
Why did Uncle Jack become angry with Scout?
She used improper language
Why did Atticus make Jem read to Mrs. Dubose?
He wanted the children to know a person of
What did Scout and Jem receive at Christmas?
Air rifles
What is the only thing Atticus says is a sin?
Killing Mockingbirds
Who is the black man defended by Atticus?
Tom Robinson
Why did the children like Miss Maudie?
She understood them and treated them as
Why does Scout beat up Cecil?
Cecil says bad things about Atticus
Who does Scout get spanked by for calling her
cousin a name?
Who attends school only on the first day?
Burris Ewell
Who is Atticus’s sister?
Alexandra Hancock
Why did Jem remain “moody and silent” after
returning at night from the Radley place?
He was trying to hide that he found his pants
mended and folded.
Who were the other people involved in the
Robinson case?
The Ewells
Why did the Cunningham family refuse welfare
and other help?
They were too proud to accept help from anyone.
What does Scout’s Aunt not like that she does?
Eat, Talk, and Dress.
Who loves and takes care of the children?
Why did Atticus decide to defend Tom Robinson
in court?
He knew that it was the right thing to do.
Who is Dill’s Aunt?
Rachel Haverford.
Who is the town gossip?
Miss Stephanie Crawford
This refers to a period in American history; its
purpose was to bring the states back together and
to establish the status of emancipated blacks.
Who is Charles Baker Harris?
Who is the “cause” of Scout’s trouble at school?
Walter Cunningham
What does Miss Maudie say that people in their
right mind never do?
Who cemented the knothole?
Nathan Radley
What was the name given to the laws and social
customs which defined segregation?
Jim Crow
Who is the gardening neighbor?
Miss Maudie
The Supreme Court decision in Plessy v. Ferguson
made this legal.
Why was Scout impressed when her father shot
the crazed Tim Johnson?
She realized Atticus could do other things besides
Who is a Pulitzer Prize winning author?
Harper Lee
Who was the President credited with ending the
Franklin Roosevelt