Chapter 10 -

TKAM Chap. 10-11
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Chapter 10
Feeble (p. 118):
Rudiments (p. 119):
Vehemently (p. 127):
Close Reading Questions
Provide a thorough description of Atticus.
Atticus says, “It’s a sin to kill a mockingbird” (p. 119). What’s Miss Maudie’s response to this? Why is it such a sin?
*****Critical thinking and predictions: The title of the book is To Kill a Mockingbird. Who do you think the mockingbird is a symbol for?
Why do you think Harper Lee has chosen to use this metaphor?
Who is Tim Johnson and what was he doing? (p. 122)
Who is Mr. Heck Tate and what has he come to do? (p. 124-125)
What two things can Atticus do that neither Scout nor Jem ever knew about their father?
TKAM Chap. 10-11
Chapter 11
Passé (p. 133):
Philippic (p. 136):
Rectitude (p. 136):
Palliation (p. 137):
Reconnaissance (p. 140):
Cantankerous (p. 148):
Close Reading Questions
Provide a thorough description of Mrs. Dubose.
When Scout gets scolded by Mrs. Dubose for not wearing a dress, what is Jem’s response to young Scout?
What comment get Jem so riled up that he turns “scarlet” mad?
When Jem returns to Mrs. Dubose’s house, what does he do out of anger?
What is Jem’s punishment for what he’s done?
At the end of the first section, we’ve learned a lot about Atticus’s parenting. What kind of father is he to Scout and Jem?