The Jew Marches

JewBorn into a family who follows the Jewish
Has Jewish heritage
‘Stars of David were
attached to their
shirts as if assigned’
Converted to a Jewish religion
Because you do not have to follow the Jewish
religion to be a Jew.
It creates a Jewish Race. Rather than religion
Jew Marches
Hans Huberman
Leisel Memeinger
and Rudy Steiner
Punishment to the Jews
The Roles in the Jew March
Hans Huberman
-against the injustices done to the Jews
‘Then one human, Hans Huberman’
“Presented a piece of bread like magic.
‘Rudy Steiner swallowed as Hans was whipped
on the street’
‘They called him a Jew lover’
‘Others were silent, helping him back to safety’
‘The soldiers had the Fuhrer in their eyes’
Leisel and Rudy
-against the Jew Regime
‘As she and Rudy Steiner distributed pieces of bread along
the road’
Children. As the grow to Men and Woman, they will accept
them back into society.
The Punishment of the Jews
-They have been treated so badly they have been
‘the first soldier did not see the bread-he was not hungrybut the first Jew saw it’
-Sunk back to something that is almost not human. Have
sunk back to their basic necessities.
‘The soldiers pulled over to share some food and poke at
the package of Jews.
-the Jews are now just a package. Not human.
Hans Hubeman
-Gives the old Jew bread.
By giving the old man bread, he is giving him kindness.
‘If nothing else the old man would die like a human. Or at
least the thought he was a human. Me? I’m not so good
that’s a good thing.
The old man dies as a human because he has been shown
kindness by Hans.
It is not such a good thing because humans are generally
the people who have caused this. Hitler has gone so far as
to disgrace the human name. As Death sees it. So why
would a Jew want to die the same way Hitler would.
Bread as a Symbol
-Bread is a Symbol for Hope that is given to the Jews.
Hope that they can make it
through this.
‘Presented a piece of bread like magic’
-The bread is the magic of hope.
This magic allows the Jews to become at least human.
-There are many Roles played when the Jews march.
-The characters represent the different Roles that occurred
during World War Two/
Nazi Soldiers
Hans Huberman
Leisel and Rudy.
The Community
-oblivious to the crimes done to the Jews.
-May agree or disagree with the crimes done to he Jews.
Their views may be split.
-May be too scared of the punishment they will receive
-Ignore the crimes done to the Jews
This is shown Hans Huberman is ‘Helped back to
safety’ by people from the community. After giving
the old Jew bread. While others called him a ‘Jew
Nazi Soldiers
-Blindly follows Hitler's command, no
matter what atrocities they have to
-Share Hitler’s hatred towards the Jews.
‘The Jew was whipped six times’ as the
soldier yelled ‘You swine you filth’.
Again the Jew is dehumanized. He is now
just an animal.
‘They had the Fuhrer in
their eyes’
They have been so brain
washed that they now see
and act as Hitler would.
Hans Huberman
-Strongly disagrees about the
crimes done to the Jews
-Against the tide of following
-showingly stands up against the
Jewish regime. No matter what
punishment they will receive.
-Fights for what they believe in
When Hans ‘presents bead to the
old Jew’ it shows that he is very
Leisel and Rudy
-They will also fight for the Jews.
-But they will fight behind the scenes.
‘as she and Rudy Steiner
distributed the pieces of bread
along the road’.
Are not caught for their actions.
As they laid the bread prior to the
Jew march.
I Believe Marcus Zusak Asked When Writing the Jew Marches
So What Role Would You Chose?
When cast in to a war where there is hatred towards the Jewish
The Community.
-Oblivious to the crimes done to the Jews. Bystanders.
The Nazi Soldiers
-Blindly follows command no matter what atrocities they have to
Hans Huberman
- Showingly stand up to Hitler’s command
Leisel and Rudy
-Help fight against Hitler’s command behind the scenes.
Ask Yourself What Role Would You fall
The Three Main Points
The Characters of Hans and Leisel
How Hans reacted to the Jew march and how Leisel and
Rudy Foreshadow the future of the Jews.
The Punishment of the Jews
How the Jews have been dehumanized and how bread
symbolizes hope given to the Jews.
And the Roles of the Jew March
How characters represent roles in the German community.
What Role would you chose?
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