Jason and the Quest of the Golden Fleece

Jason and the
Quest of the Golden
Erin, Ali, Parker
Story Summation
Jason learns:
•Don’t be jealous (turns you crazy like
•Gods favor those who are doing
things for the right reason
(overthrowing king to put his families
rightful name back in power)
•Jason goes from nice to power
Cultural Values
•Dangers of jealousy/power
•God play roles in human affairs to make
outcomes favorable to what they think is good
•Gods support the noble heroes
•Both of the above are supernatural
Heroic Qualities
•Likable- Since Jason is so likable, the
amazons help him, as well as the lemnos,
and unintentionally makes Medea love him
more than her own brother
•Trader- After he has the fleece, he
leaves Medea who sacrificed
everything for him on his journey
•Tough- Allows him to overcome several
•Brave- Since he isn’t afraid of
anything, he puts himself in risky
situations sometimes
•Perseverance- Never gives up or backs
down from a challenge
•Power over love
•Leader- Gathers a hero's team to get the
Motifs and Themes
•Quest: Jason is determined to find the golden fleece and overcome
any challenges
•Power: The only reason Jason goes on this journey is so he can
become the next king
•Betrayal: Jason leaves Medea after he is given everything he needs
•Love: Medea loves Jason so much she kills her own brother to help
Archetypes: People
Ino:Evil Step Mother-Tries to kill
Phrixus the son of the King and the
first wife, so she could have more
Madea: Supernatural
Intervention- had very
powerful magic and could
save people
hercules going into the
forest- showing the unknown
and the power of mother nature
sea where Hera
passed-dangerous and
shows measures of time
rivers and lakes as
only highways- represents
time passing and new territory
Archetype Symbols/Motif
3 sisters- holy number
face white to red- innocent to passionate or
Love conquers all- everyone is killing someone they
know for their loved ones