USA Online Advisory Committee

USA Online Advisory Committee
Appointed: August 2015
The committee charge is to provide input regarding all issues relating to the University's
delivery of instruction via distance education.
Member Name
Jeff Davidson (Chair)
Moses Baldwin
Computer Services Center
Matt Campbell
Faculty Senate Representative
Al Chow
Mitchell College of Business
Angela Clark
School of Computing
Judy Gatty
College of Medicine
Jason Ezell
Sam Fisher
Arts & Sciences
Dan Guo
Graduate Student Representative
Kalen Snyder
Undergraduate Student Representative
Gurupreet Khalsa
Innovation in Learning Center
Joe’l Lewis
College of Education
Andy Lightbourne
Academic Computing
Brenda Litchfield
Innovation in Learning Center/USAonline
Jenny Manders
School of Continuing Education & Special Programs
Debray Mulhern
Computer Services Center
Kelly Osterbind
Jason Smith
Innovation in Learning Center
Tracey Taylor
College of Nursing
Julio Turrens
Allied Health Professions
Bret Webb
College of Engineering
Andrea Agnew
Special Student Services