Morning Work – RELA
September 15th – September 19th
Monday – September 15, 2014
A Night in Texas
Dear Hailey,
We are in Austin, Texas. You would never believe
what I saw tonight.
1. What does the title tell us about where and when
this letter takes place?
2. What kind of writing is this?
3. Does the opening give us any more hints about
what the selection will be about? If so, what?
4. Does the author sound excited or bored?
Tuesday – September 16, 2014
We were in a restaurant by the Congress
Avenue Bridge. As the sun was going down, I saw a
cloud moving around by the bridge. The cloud was
made up of bats! The bats live under the bridge
where it is dark. The sun does not shine under the
bridge, but when the sun started to go down, all of
those bats woke up.
What else did you learn about where the author is?
What is the thing the author is reporting?
Does the author sound amazed or unexcited?
Did you learn any more details about what time it
is? If so, what?
Wednesday – September 17, 2014
They were hungry. The waitress said more than
a million Mexican free-tailed bats live under the
Congress Avenue Bridge. Another waitress said the
bats were really good because they eat more than
10,000 pounds of insects EVERY NIGHT! I weigh
about 60 pounds, so that’s like eating enough insects
to make about 170 of me.
1. What new details did you learn about the bats?
2. What new details did you learn about the author?
3. Does the author make a comparison in this
4. If so, what is the comparison?
Thursday – September 18, 2014
Boy, maybe we need some of those bats by our
house. I sure hated all of those mosquitoes that were
trying to eat us last week. Well, I’ve got to go. Don’t
get too “batty” without me!
1. Is the author a boy or a girl?
2. What connection does the author make between
her night in Texas and her life at home?
3. Are mosquitoes a problem in warm weather where
you live? If so, would you like a cloud of bats living
near you?
4. Why does the author include the last sentence?
Friday – September 19, 2014
Hopi Poem
Come here, Thunder, and look!
Come here, Cold, and see it rain!
Thunder strikes and makes it hot.
All seed grown when it is hot.
Corn in blossom,
Beans in blossom,
Your face on garden looks,
Watermelon plant, muskmelon plant.
Your face on garden looks.
What kind of writing is this?
Does the title tell you the name of the person who wrote the “Hopi Poem”?
What kind of weather does the poet describe?
What is another good title for this poem?
1. Summer Harvest
2. Thunderstorms
3. Growing Fruits