KAP malaria survey—iFormBuilder

Creating Value Through ICT4D Partnerships
Using iPhones for a Nationwide KAP Survey
CRS Sierra Leone
Emily Bostick
Program Manager - Malaria
March 28, 2012
ICT4D Conference
Kigali, Rwanda
Project Background (1)
• Global Fund Malaria – Health Sector –
National Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices
• Partners – Ministry of Health and
Sanitation / National Malaria Control
Program / Dept. of Planning and
Information, WHO, Statistics Sierra
Project Background (2)
• Problem – How to efficiently collect highquality data for national surveys for
evidence-based communications
• Why ICT4D? – Familiarization with
electronic data collection, avoid time and
error of paper, previous discussions with
health professionals
• ICT Solution (1)
ICT Solution (1)
Solution – using iForm Builder /
iPhone 3GS to collect data
using 89 enumerators over 4
Necessary Support – p1:
introduce technology for
stakeholder buy-in, build local
capacity to program – p2:
program, train, test, trouble
shoot – p3: transfer final
dataset and analyze with 100%
confidence in data integrity
ICT Solution (2)
• Staff support – programming, tech,
• Partnership has influenced the choice
based on enthusiasm, sustainability (esp.
in terms of continued expenses), choice
of devices, experience with PDA
iFB versus Paper
• Develop paper form first
• Auto-calculations, skips
and verification logic
• Longer training in two
steps necessary
• Need backup plan
• Field support line
• Supervisor responsibility
• Cleaner, quicker, geotagged data
• Develop paper form first
• Dependent on
enumerators to follow
• One training with only
one format
• No backup collection plan
• Less field support
• Supervisor responsibility
• “Dirty” physical data
Key Challenges (1)
• Limited support in phase 1
• Timing of project activity (started before
team was fully operational;
performance-based funding)
• Underestimation of time required for
each activity (response rather than
preparation mode)
• Communication on expected outputs
Key Challenges (2)
Procurement and Testing from HQ
Distribution of work amongst team
Security of goods
Partners competing priorities / inability
to accept responsibility re: iPhones
• Rushing led to some programming
• Technology solution unable to process
magnitude of data
Lessons Learned
• Partnership – involve partners early
• Importance of a clear process
• Necessity of resources and tools for
planning process
• Importance of testing
• Necessity to slow down
• Necessity of longitudinal support
• Need trained / invested local staff
• Need financial deals for partners
• Need 100% guarantee that technology
is appropriate and tested choice
• iFB has been able to work directly with
us to resolve issues and has offered
reasonable pricing for MOHS, should
they continue with this technology
Summary and Close
Plan early
Demand support
Have a plan B and plan C
Monitor all data in process for
completion, duplicates and glitches
Thank You!
Emily Bostick
[email protected]