Broadway Musical

Broadway Musical Door Decs
Submitted by: Amanda Poston,
Resident Assistant, Colorado State
Hey musical lovers and everyday
STARS, check out these awesome
Broadway billboard door decs! These
are made using black construction
paper (cardstock preferred) and print
outs of all of the most amazing
musicals to see the Broadway stage. In
order to give the name tag a popping
element, you can add glitter dots using
gold glitter glue to create that “name
in lights” effect. Gold star stickers can
also be used as shiny accents to your
door decs.
See next slide…
Make it your
hall theme!!!
Just use butcher paper to cut out a
stage to use as your end cap. You can
always get creative with your title too
(The Stars of 3SE, Only on Broadway,
Defying Gravity, etc). And you could
even make a “cast list” that displays
all of your residents personal photos
and bios to hang somewhere in the
hallway. Have fun with it!!
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