TLI 2011 PPT Building Strong Support for Reading Recovery

Building Strong Support for
Reading Recovery
2011 Teacher Leader Institute
Saturday, June 18
U.S. Department of Education’s Investing in
A Project to Scale Up Reading Recovery
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i3: Investing in Innovation
Funded by U.S. Department of Education
$45.1 million to scale up Reading Recovery
20% match from private sector required
$10.1 million raised in 5 weeks
Involves 15 UTCs and U of Penn
Reading Recovery Scale Up Goals
By October 2015…
• 3,690 new teachers in Reading Recovery.
• At least 15 new teacher leaders
• About 90,000 children with Reading Recovery
and about 405,000 in small groups.
• The lowest-achieving schools are prioritized.
Scale up thus far….
i3 Reading Recovery teachers currently:
• 274
Reading Recovery students to be taught:
• 4,096
Other children in classrooms outside of
Reading Recovery:
• 18,216
Who Helped To Raise the $10.1 Million Match?
Hameray Publishing
Heinemann Publishing
HMH-Rigby (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
Scholastic, Inc.
Townsend Press
McGraw-Hill Companies
Who Helped To Raise the $10.1 Million Match?
The Gay Su Pinnell Education Foundation
The Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation
Rural School and Community Trust
The Susan Scherer Foundation
The Annie E. Casey Foundation
The W. K. Kellogg Foundation
Nationwide Insurance Foundation
United Way of Central Ohio
Who Helped To Raise the $10.1 Million Match?
• Clemson University
• Georgia State
• Lesley University
• National-Louis
• New York University
• Oakland University
• Saint Mary's College of
• Texas Woman's
•The Ohio State University
•University of Arkansas
•University of Connecticut
•University of Kentucky
•University of Maine
•University of Northern
•University of South
Who Helped To Raise the $10.1 Million Match?
• Keith and Linda Monda
• William Lager
• Sandy Slomin
More support…
• Apple
• Pearson
• Proctor and Gamble
Why was our application successful?
• Evidence of success
• Ability to Scale: Network of trainers, teacher
leaders and teachers
• Promise of innovation
Innovating Reading Recovery
• A new way to drive innovation in education:
brings together government, philanthropy and
• Incorporating technology in
– Teacher training
– Teacher leader training
– Student teaching
Who is eligible?
• Currently 15 of 19
university training
• All Reading Recovery
teachers in training.
• Grant period: Finish no
later than October 2015.
Teacher Training Costs
Supported by i3 Award
Books and materials
Instructional fees
Teacher Stipend: intended to cover
educational expenses.
Teacher leader training costs
supported by i3 grant
One new teacher leader per partner
Books and materials
Instructional fee per teacher
Professional development resources for
educational expenses related to teacher leader
• Installing a glass at a new teacher training site
where necessary
External Evaluation
Led by University of Pennsylvania
Impact Evaluation Research Questions
• Impact on reading achievement of first
• Impact on student reading performance in the
3rd and 4th grades.
• Moderating school, program, and teacher
characteristics effects.
External Evaluation
• About one-third of i3 schools randomly selected
• Multi-site randomized controlled trial for Fall
• Regression discontinuity
• Teacher & administrator interviews and logs to
study implementation and moderating effects
8 Selected for RR
Pairs Randomly Assigned to:
All Students
Will Receive Reading Recovery
RR Students
Tested Not Served
3rd Grade Test Score
No effect
Fall 1st Grade OS Scores
RR Students
Tested Not Served
3rd Grade Test Score
Long-term effect
Fall 1st Grade OS Scores
What Can Teacher Leaders Do?
• Work with your university training center to:
– Continue to recruit teachers
– Assist with evaluation if your teachers are selected
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