What is the development gap?

Give a country a name...
Developing Countries (LEDCs)
Developed Countries
Least Developed Countries
Countries which are appearing
at the other side of the
industrialisation process.
Countries at a lower stage of
Very low standards of living, life
expectancy, high infant mortality
and low levels of education.
Newly Industrialising
Countries (NICs)
Countries that have industrialised in
the last 40 years.
Recently Industrialised
Communist countries.
Centrally Planned Economies
Oil Rich Countries (OPECs)
High GPD – but most of the wealth
is distributed to a few.
Most highly developed countries –
have a high standard of living.
The Development Gap
Key Questions:
What is the development gap?
Why is there a development gap?
How can we close the development gap?
What is the development gap?
The development gap – the difference in
affluence between richer countries and the
poorer countries of the developing world. The
gap has increased with time.
How can LEDCs reduce the gap?
Individually, you need to cut out and sort the cards.
You must match up a letter and a number
The cards can be split into 2 groups
1. Causes of a development gap
2. Solutions to the gap
A. Investment
B. Government Aid
C. Voluntary Aid
D. Change terms of Trade
1. Some countries are
unstable and vast amounts
of money are spent on
Civil wars
2. Many countries have
the added burden of
Natural Disasters such as
3. Many poor countries
spend a lot of money
paying back the interest on
existing loans.
4. Some countries rely on
one resource eg coffee. If
the international price of
coffee drops, the economy
5. Modern industrial areas
require huge amounts of
energy. Poor countries do
not have these resources
6. LEDCs can encourage
transnational companies to
invest in there country, this
creates jobs and wealth.
7. MEDCs only buy raw
material from LEDCs.
They then process the
goods and sell for
maximum profit.
8. Aid given by charities
such as Oxfam. Often in
response to disasters.
9. LEDCs can borrow
money from MEDCs. This
can be done in two ways;
Bilateral aid
Mutli-lateral aid
E. International Debts
F. Reliance on Primary
G. Lack of Power
H. Natural Disasters
I. Political Instability
Why does the gap exist?
• Think of ten key words that are associated with the
development gap
• Produce a report explaining the development gap - you can
NOT use any of the key terms that you have identified.