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(3rd way for a country to try to
Aid –
The giving of money, resources or
expertise by a country or
organisation to another country
Types of Aid
Bilateral Aid - aid given by from donor government
to recipient country.
Multilateral Aid - aid given by international
organisation e.g. The World Bank, United Nations
to a country that needs it.
Voluntary Aid (charity) - aid given by nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) e.g Oxfam,
Comic Relief.
Tied Aid – aid given by donor country that requires
the country receiving it to buy or use goods
/services from the donor country.
Types of Aid…
Aid can also be described as:
1. Short-term (emergency) Aid – given
to respond to a particular
immediate need.
Long-term (sustainable) Aid – aid that
usually takes years before it is of
full benefit to the donor country.
It often aims to help people in
LEDCs to support themselves in
the future.
Which type of aid is it?
A London bank provides a loan for the Brazilian Government
to set up a car assembly plant. The money is to be repaid
over ten years
The world Bank provides half the money top pay for the
building of a hydroelectric dam in India
Britain lends money to Uganda for the purchase of British
Save the Children runs an emergency vaccination programme
to combat yellow fever in Burkina Faso
The European Union sends wheat to supplement dwindling
grain stocks in Sudan after a poor harvest
The British government sends personal to help set up a
military training school in Zaire
Aid problems … what is your
Make a list of the benefits and problems
of aid
Benefit of aid to
1. Can save lives
e.g. prevent
Problems of aid
1. Aid rarely reaches the poorest
2. Often misused by corrupt officials
in the country
2. Can improve
3. A lot of aid is in the form of loans
quality of life
adding to debt
4. Aid is often tied, i.e. have to buy
British trucks
3. If used well and
in a sustainable 5. Aid can undermine local producers
way it can help 6. Country can become dependant on
a country
aid (handouts rather than building
up country)
Exam practice
1. What is the meaning of the term aid? [2]
2. What are the 4 main types of aid? [4]
3. What are the main differences of aid
given by Oxfam and Governments? [4]
4. Fully explain 2 benefits & 2 problems of
receiving aid for LEDCs [12]