Great Depression Review

Great Depression Review
25 Multiple Choice
1 Short Answer (Most likely will be a bonus…
unless hardly anyone attempts it. Then it will be worth 15 points)
Decline in world markets
Uneven distribution of wealth
Consumer credit/spending
Speculation/buying on margin
Bank failures
• High Unemployment
• Real Estate Values Dropped
New Deal
• President Roosevelt used a system of trial and
error to mend the economy
• Government needed to step in and take a
greater responsibility for those less fortunate
• Changed many Americans political way of
thinking because the New Deal’s principle was
that Federal Government should attempt to
solve social and economic Issues
New Deal
• The federal government attempt to improve
conditions for farmers was to pay farmers for
their crops
• Conservatives who opposed President Franklin
D. Roosevelt’s policies believed that the New
Deal was endangering the free enterprise
• The Government regulation of business
activities was a continuation of Progressive Era
New Deal
• Congress finally told FDR no when it came to
appointing more Supreme Court Justices
• FDR was more willing to use government intervention
to solve economic problems, which was something
that no other President had done before
• He was the first one to start what we will call the
“Imperialistic President” – Pushed the boundaries of
the Constitution, but the nation was so afraid, they let
it happen. Once we allow the President or Congress to
cross the Constitution Line, We will never be able to
uncross it.
• New banking laws such as the SEC and FDIC
helped to restore the public’s faith in financial
• The new banking laws would eventually lead
to less failures and people slowly starting to
trust the banking systems again
Dust Bowl
• The Great Plains Region of the United States
suffered most
• The major migration routes of the
dispossessed farmers were to the Far West –
Route 66 to California
• The Grapes of Wrath : Written by John
Steinbeck described the impact that the dust
bowl had on the farmer on the Great Plains
and the Oakies that went to California
Mexican Repatriation Act
• To send Mexican-American immigrants back to
People to Know
• Frances Perkins?
– The first female member of the U.S. Cabinet
• Dorothea Lange?
– Photographer
• Huey Long
– wanted to give each American family an income of
$5,000 a year, to be paid by taxing the rich
• John Steinbeck?
– Author: The Grapes of Wrath