Using Qualtrics

Wayne Atchley
Agricultural and Consumer Science
What is Qualtrics?
Online survey development and delivery tool
University License
• Unlimited Faculty, Staff, Student accounts
Free Support
Free Training
• Live and video tutorials (Qualtrics University)
Qualtrics University
Qualtrics – Main Screen
Click Create Survey Tab
Your Best Friend!
Qualtrics – Create Survey
Qualtrics - Demo
Create Survey Demo
Qualtrics Survey Options
Survey Experience
• Save and Continue Later
• Language
Survey Protection
• Open Access Vs. By Invitation Only
• Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing
Survey Termination
• Redirect to URL after Submit
• Anonymize Results
Managed Response Sets
Qualtrics – Distribute Survey
Qualtrics – Distribute Survey
Qualtrics – Distribute Survey
• Default Link
• Custom Link
Email (Using a Panel)
• Managed Survey Distribution
In Page Popup
• Adds popup survey to an existing WebPage
Embedded – Coming Soon
Qualtrics - Panel
Email Distribution List
CSV File
First Row MUST contain Column Header Information
• Email - Required
• Firstname - Recommended
• LastName - Recommended
• Other Fields
Qualtrics - Panels
Open Import Wizard
Qualtrics – Panel Import
Create Panel & Email Survey
Qualtrics – View Results
Qualtrics View Results
View Reports
• Default Reporting of data with basic Statistics
View Response Data
• View individual Response Records
Download Data
• Export Respondent data to SPSS, Excel, Text, XML, or HTML
View Results
Qualtrics - Javascript
Qualtrics – JavaScript Submit Button
var newName = 'Submit';
if ($('NextButton').nodeName == 'INPUT')
else if ($('NextButtonText').nodeName == 'SPAN')
$('NextButtonText').innerHTML = newName;
else // next button is probably a button
$('NextButton').innerHTML = newName;
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