Daily Homecoming PowerPoint

Monday: Activities and Decorations
Every class woke up at three in the
morning to come to school and
decorate the quad with their dress up
day assigned. The freshman were
assigned the 90s or pajama day while
the sophomores the 60s. The juniors
got the 80s and of course the seniors
got the 70s. Today Davis students had
to dress up on their pajamas. A whole
variety of pajamas were seen. Some
students wearing foodies. It was the day
to remember your childhood. Some
decorations went from the Titanic
sinking to the great band The Beatles.
Tuesday: Classic Sixties
Today Davis students had to find their
best 60s clothing and dress up to show the
Spartan spirit. Unluckily not a lot of
people dressed up. There was probably on
reason why they didn’t have the clothes to
wear. One of the persons who was part of
the sixties was Grace M. Davis. This
school was named after her. The senior
class of 1964 honored the John Fitzgerald
Kennedy. There is a picture in the office
of both of this two persons. Elvis Presley
and Martin Luther King Jr. were also part
of the sixties.
Wednesday: Eccentric Eighties
Today Davis students had to
dress up on their 80s attires. Most
people did dressed up. It was great
seeing students wearing a whole
variety of outfits. Each student was
wearing bright colors which totally
represents the 80s. Today belongs to
the junior class. They created a huge
sign with the number 80 with the
name of all the football players on
the varsity team. They also made a
sigh dedicated to the class of 1980.
Thursday: Psychedelic
Today students dressed up on
their seventies or hippie attires.
Students are wearing tie dye shirts,
flare jeans, peace sign objects, leggings,
and colorful headbands. Some
decorations were the disco balls
hanging form the wall and names of
bands writing on big pieces of paper
such as the band kiss. Today is all
about love, peace, and joy.
Friday: Spirit Day
Today is spirit day. Its about
green and gold. It’s our last
football homecoming for the
seniors. The game is against
Enochs. It was amazing to see the
Davis students show their spirit by
wearing lots of green and gold.
There was a flash mob during
lunch were the dances classes of
Davis danced. At the end
everyone got into the spirit and
students started dancing even the
principal. The office is decorated
with green and gold balloons.
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