The 15 Minutes Pitch

The 15 Minute Pitch
Slide #1: Introduction Slide
• Name of the company/project – with
compelling tagline
• If appropriate -- Vision/Mission
•Business concept in one sentence – the target
customer, the problem and the value prop
• Tell what you want the audience to
remember – 3 points
Slide #2: Target Customer
• Who is it? What is their problem or
• Specific examples of top 10 prospects
• Market size (volume) and trends
• How money flows from the customer to you
Slide #3: Your Solution
• What is your solution (“pencil selling”)
• Value Proposition
• Unique Selling Proposition
Slide #4: Why Now?
• Compelling Reasons that will drive
Target Customer’s Decision Making
Process – focus on Decision Making
Unit (DMU)
Slide #5: Financials
• Business model
• Simple graph with top line growth and cash flow –
with Payback time
• Key Factors to be knowledgeable about include:
– Top line revenue growth
– Costs
– Cash flow
– Investment required → milestones and what to invest in
– Value of company estimations
– Exit strategy and estimated range of returns
Slide #6: Why You?
• Team Today & Roles
• Team Future
• Competitors and Sustainable
Competitive Advantage
Slide #7: Summary and ASK!
• Summary of three key points
• Then have your “ASK”(Always, always, always
end with a slide that details what you’re
asking for or proposing. You need to funnel
the audience’s interest in your presentation
into a decision point.)
Critical Success Factors
Referenced in
Market opportunity
Proven customer value proposition/traction
Team → Quality of Presentation and Ability to Tell the Story
Sustainable competitive advantage
Return of Investment
Partnership/trust/fun factor
Synergies with rest of portfolio