Local Chapter Name Congress/Symposium you present your application Date

Information of (country/city name) (free slides, but maximum two)

Information of (country/city name) Map of the localisation

University/ information Free slides (maximum 3) May include: pictures, enjoyable and useful information such as the different specialties available in your school. Number of department, masters and PhD available "

Chapter students President: (president name) Exchange Officer: (Exchange officer name)

Other students in the chapter (At least one) (Name) (Name) (Name) (Name)

Other students in the chapter (If there are) (Name) (Name) (Name) (Name)

Other Students in the chapter (if there are)

Group Picture

Motivations to join IVSA Must include the answer to this questions: - Why do you want to join IVSA?

- What do you expect from IVSA?

- What can you offer to the IVSA delegates from all over the world?

- Which activities in IVSA would you like/be able to join?

Motivations to join IVSA • • • Why do you think that we should accept you to be a part of IVSA?

Strenghts of your group?

What skills and competencies do you want to develop in IVSA?

Motivations to join IVSA

Motivations to join IVSA • Anything to add ?

• Free slide to thank and encourage delegates to vote for you