AP 8 DBQ on slavery and reltionship of colonies to Britain

Mr. Weber
Room 217
 1.
How much of chapter 3 have you read so
 2. How long on average do you spend doing
the reading homework for this class each
 3. How long did it take you to do the DBQ
essay for homework?
 4. What do you anticipate learning from the
reading tonight?
 Activator,
agenda, and objective (10
 Analyzing Primary Sources ppt. (15 minutes)
 Writing packet: Rewrite opening paragraph of
the DBQ essay (15 minutes)
 DBQ Practice (45-60 minutes)
Analyze relationship of colonies to GB
Immigration patterns in different regions
Process by which slavery was created
 Sharing
our essays and teaching each other
(30 minutes)
 Exit ticket and homework (5 minutes)
 You
all will…
Better understand the AP writing expectations
and practice rewriting and structuring DBQ
Study AP College Board Topic #3 in the process.
 Rewrite
the opening paragraph of your last
DBQ essay using the transitional words and
phrases listed in the writing resource packet.
 Underline the new words you use.
 If you finish early, study the packet and
rubric on your last DBQ.
DBQ 3: “Analyze the relationship between the
British North American colonies and the
government back in England in light of the
following documents.”
DBQ 4: “Explain the process by which slavery
was created in North America.”
DBQ 5: “Defend or refute the following
statement: differing patterns of immigration and
migration created different social and political
climates in the various regions of America.”
 Continue
reading Ch.3
 Debaters:
write your speeches, prepare
questions, and do outside research for
tomorrow’s debate.