DBQ PRACTICE - projecttahoe

Muckrakers & The Progressive Era
*How will you spend a $1,000,000?
* Sometime the question, in itself, can be a “hook.”
* Remember the basics about DBQ questions:
* Have students take a stance.
* Word your question clearly.
* Make the expectations for the answer clear in the
* Look at the way in which we used the
* Student friendly vocabulary
* Source information
* Document Note
* We chose to use pictures/visuals with each
written source.
* After each source there is a sheet of questions.
* On your own, write down what you believe are
the five most important facts or ideas from
John’s lecture.
* Then, in a group of three, discuss your facts.
Agree on the three (3) most important facts from
the lecture.
What pops out at you?
Does your first instinct point you in the
direction of any particular Progressive reform
to give you money?
* Split the 7 documents
of the
DBQ amongst your table
group so that groups of two or
three only have a few
* For each of the documents
assigned, write six questions
that will help students to
understand the documents.
* Share your questions with
your table group.
* Use a variety of LOTS, MOTS,
* Start with the lowest level
questions and work up.
* Remember, you can scaffold
student learning with
multiple choice questions as
the highest level.
* 1-2 LOTS, 2-4 MOTS, 1-2 HOTS
* In small groups, please:
* Make note of pg. 16.
This is one way to help
students organize their thoughts.
* Write an instructions sheet that explains how
students should complete the DBQ (letter to Aunt
Bessie). Be specific about your requirements and
* Make a rubric that clearly delineates for the
teacher and the students how the DBQ will be
assessed. Make sure you are clear about how and
how often students need to cite evidence.
(Pg. 17 provides a template.)
How will you spend your $1,000,00?