• Name
Kitsita Treeyumprai
• Nickname
• Birthday
August 7 ,1996
• Come from
Bkk, Thailand
• Brother or sister
1 older brother
Dream job
“Interior design”
“i love to create a room and design the
function of the furniture.”
Favorite things
She love to play skateboard.
She is a person who love dog.
She like spaghetti and chocolate.
Frozen is her favorite cartoon.
She love fantasy movies.
Her favorite movie is
“Catch me if you can”
If you have 1 ticket that can travel
everywhere, where did you choose to
New york , USA
Strength and Weakness
She have a skill in art.
She lazy to wake up
What kind of person did you like?
“I like the person who's can take care and
protect me. Don't leave me alone and can
makes a smile.”
How did you handle stress and
She will listen to the music and drawing a
• She like pop-rock music.
• Maroon 5 is her favorite band.
If you have power to change 3 things
in the world, what did you change?
1. I will improve the government of Thailand
to be more better than.
2. I will give a poor people to have money to
use and give them a jobs to do.
3. I will change a mind of people about
contempt the foolish people and give them the
new ways for thinking.
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