“The Future of Childhood in the
Global Television Market”
Courtney Banker
Presentation 2
CMC 100
Lemish argues that the popularity of American television
propagates American ideologies globally:
While the popular show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
portrays a different, often marginalized section of
American life—that is, the African American experience—
it still maintains the stereotypes of black culture, and
upholds the distinction between a black man feigning
whiteness, and a white man.
The Carlton Dance
Must Be Hidden!
Mr. Banks Runs for Judge
And Will has a Laugh
No matter how a man prefers to dance, there
will always be a way his race is “supposed” to
No matter how successful a black man may be,
even if he is a judge, he will never be regarded
the same as a white judge.
Do we really want to spread these messages to
the world?