Rules of The Game

Rules of The Game
By Amy Tan
Rules of The Game by Amy Tan Pre-reading Questions
1. Research (or reflect on) the rules of chess. What qualities
does a person need in order to be a good chess player?
2. Why do parents brag about their children? Would you like
it if your parents bragged about you?
3. How can holding back and concealing your desires
sometimes help you win arguments and respect from
4. Why do some people get very involved in playing games
of strategy, such as chess, poker, and checkers?
5. Should parents push their children to excel, or are
children more likely to succeed if there parents leave them
6. Do you ever feel as if you are competing with your
Directed Notes: Complete While Reading
Mark places where Waverly or her mother shows
“invisible strength.”
Follow- up question: How does this show “invisible
Invisible Strength-Waverly
Invisible Strength- W’s Mom
After 1st reading: Freytag’s Pyramid
and a written summary for elements
of the story
Interpretive Questions for Shared
Inquiry & Discussion
• Complete during 2nd Active Reading
• Use as SID & SS Preparation
Writing After Discussion
Is Mrs. Jong more a positive force or negative force in Waverly’s
Do you know anyone who has “invisible strength”? Do you have it?
If you knew someone who was moving to America, what are some
of the main “rules” of American life that you would tell him or her?
What game do you play that is important to you? Do you think
playing this game has helped you grow up?
When were you able to “bite back your tongue”? How did this help
you get something that you wanted?