Pricing-101 - University Tees

Pricing 101
In this section, we will teach you
how to price out the basic and not
so basic requests you will receive.
Pricing Options?
• Suggested Price
• Up-Charge
• Discount
What do you ask a client when generating a
quote request?
-The item they are looking for
-The decoration method (screen-printing,
embroidery, tackle twill, promotional item)
-The design they would like decorated on the apparel or promotional item
-Number of colors in the design
-Number of print locations
-The date they need the items delivered to them
-Quantity of items they need **Minimum Apparel
Order Size is 8 pieces**
What are the 4 main pricing categories?
1. Screen Printing
2. Embroidery
3. Tackle Twill
4. Promotional Products
Screen -Printing
Screen Printing
Ask yourself these questions:
What is the item?
100% T-Shirt
What is the quantity?
Is it White? Is it Greek?
No White/ Yes Greek
How many print colors?
3 – 1 on the front; 2 on the back
Any name and numbers?
What if it is not a Top Product?
Almost all of the steps are the same from there!
Let us use this as an example:
Item is the
Apparel Men’s
Jersey Tank
How to find the specific item number?
- On the Product Page of our website you
can look up the item number!
- For this item you would choose the
American Apparel Catalog; You will also find
item numbers for the University Tees main
catalog and the Augusta Sportswear catalog
Now where will you go to
find the BLANK PRICE?
• In the Excel document that
pulls up you will use “find”
and type in the item number
• And that is your blank price!
The two most common mistakes:
Most often embroidered:
- Polo’s
- Hats
- Quarter Zips
Not Embroidered:
- Full Backs
- On Pockets
How do you price this out?
Ask your BDL!
What to send your BDL:
- The apparel item the
customer would like
- The quantity.
- A picture of the design they
would like embroidered.
- The location on the apparel
they would like to be
- The size the customer would
like the embroidery to be.
Tackle Twill
1. Zig Zag Stitching
2. Satin Stitch
3. Double Layer Zig
Tackle Twill
How to price out the Tackle Twill:
- On the price calculator choose the item
and quantity, keep the print colors at 0.
Check the box for Greek then add the
Letter/Layer pricing!
Promotional Products
• Just as easy as using the Top Product
dropdown; you’ll use the Promotional Top
Product Drop Down
Promotional Products
Ask the same
- The quantity
- Number of imprint
- In hands date
Anything not found in
the drop down we can
- Flash Drives
- Ping Pong Balls
- Water Guns
- Silicon Bracelets
If you can think of it, we
can find a supplier for it!
What to charge and how to change the price in a
quote request
- Suggested Price
- Up-Charge
- Discount
-The prices that you receive when you price
something out is just a SUGGESTION! If
you can charge more…DO IT
-If a group has a budget of $12.00/shirt and
suggested prices is only $10.00… Charge
them the full $12.00 (but make it seem like
you are cutting them a deal!)
Some of the benefits of Up-Charging are:
1. Reaching your goal quicker
2. Making more bank! If you are receiving
15% commission on an order of 100
shirts @ $10 that is $150.00. If you had
up-charged the shirts to $12/shirt that is
an extra $30 for free
0 % discount – Full Commission
5% discount – 2.5% reduction in commission
10% discount – 5% reduction in commission
15% discount – 7.5 % reduction in commission
20% discount – 10% reduction in commission
25% discount – 12.5% reduction in commission
-If you need a higher discount to price match
you will need to speak with your BDL.
Common things that your BDL must price out:
All Embroidery
Discounts on Custom Items
Totals Over $1,500
Price Matching over 25%
Promotional Products not in the drop down
Youth Sizes
Color Changes
Large Orders
What would a large order entail?
- A total over $1,500
- Multiple part orders
- Total Shirts over 200
Talk with your BDL about these orders 
Youth Sizes
- You can and will mostly likely be asked to do
youth sizes!
- If you need Youth Sizes then we will need
multiple screens and you MUST ask your BDL
to assist in pricing this out.
- The Youth sizes will have to be on a separate
line and is something your BDL can help you
set up.
Color Changes
-Color changes: Same design in different
colored ink.
-We are able to change the ink color if you
customer would like a little variety!
-Again, you must ask your BDL to price
these items out (even if they are on the top
products list)
Re-Order Pricing
- If your customer needs more of the exact
same shirt; we can do that!
- You will need to get your BDL the job
number of the previous order and the new
- Please remember that our minimum for an
order is 8!
Additional Costs
What are some things that have additional
costs associated with them?
- PREMIMUM INKS (shimmers, fluorescent
- The BIRD BANK ($.50)
Rush Fees
7-9 Business Days Standard
5-6 Business Day Rush
– $50.00 plus any associated
expedited fees
Under 5 Business Day Rush
– $75.00 plus any associated
expedited fees.
Expedited fees include but are not
limited to: inbound freight, next
day air, Saturday delivery etc.
Premium Ink
The Screen-Print color
chart will help you figure
out what you should be
charging the customer.
We have a few options
that are priced above
normal pricing but they
should be easy to
o Fluorescents- for
those customers who
like to STAND OUT
o Shimmers- For those
who like to shine
o Foils – for VERY
shiny finish
o Glow in the Dark – for
those who like to be
seen even at night.
Greek Orders
- If you can recognize the nickname, logo or
letters on a shirt… CHECK THE GREEK BOX.
- Ex. Tri Delt, Pike, BETA are all trademarked!
- The 8.5% upcharge goes directly to the
organization’s National Chapter
- If you have questions regarding if the apparel
will be sent to licensing or not please contact
your BDL
College Licensing
- This only applies if we are licensed at your
- Speak with your BDL before your first week
of school to find out everything you need to
know regarding your specific school.
The Bird Bank
The most common pricing mistake in the
past year has been forgetting the $.50 BB
- Up-charged BB must be approved by
your BDL
- This is a great way for Individual Pay
Custom Names & Numbers
- Custom Names - $6.00
- Custom Numbers - $3.50
-For Jerseys with 2 sets of custom
name and numbers still select custom name
and number from the drop down and then
you must add $9.50!
Total Quantity Pricing
- Can your customer get the same artwork on TShirts, Hoodies and Long Sleeves?
- Of course! You just add the quantities of all the
apparel together and use that number in the price
• 50 T-Shirts
• 30 Hoodies
• 10 Long Sleeves
Total Quantity Pricing
Donation Codes
These are a split donation between UTees and yourself
Why? This is a great way to make sure you are doing all of
the orders for philanthropy events on campus.
-Up to 20% (½ from your commission and ½ from Utees
Profit) or this could be a set amount ($50.00) which we
would also take ½.
-MUST tell your BDL beforehand to receive a DC Code
-After the invoice is paid in full you will receive a check and
lovely letter in the mail to give out to the customer.
-These must be priced out at SUGGESTED PRICE with
NO discount.
Art Fees
- For custom artwork that the customer does not use
we will charge a $25.00 ART FEE. Please make sure
you customers know that this is a possibility if they
do not go through with their order.
- You will need to send the job number to your BDL
and they will be get an invoice sent out. Please
make sure you and your BDL are staying up on your
open orders that are not being placed.
- You also have the option of taking the ART FEE out
of your commission (at a ½ rate!)
Why use UTees?
Remind your customer that on most orders there
-This will help them understand that there
Also, we are obviously the most Awesome choice.
What are your take-aways?
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What are your take-aways?
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