PeopleSoft Travel & Expense Module

Travel & Expense Module
Tips and Tricks
Resetting Password
• A PeopleSoft user can reset his/her own password unless the account has
been locked
– Go to Employee Self Service Portal
– Click on the ‘Forgot My Password’ link
– System will ask you several questions and will email you a temporary
• If you are unable to reset your password, your account is locked and you
will need to contact the ITS helpdesk for a reset.
Resetting Password
Profile Defaults
• Every user has a profile that will allow defaults to be set up.
• These defaults will populate on every expense report but can
be changed on individual reports.
• Typical defaults are:
– Chartstring
– Origination location
– Business Purpose
– Description
• Delegates cannot access the profile of an employee they are
doing data entry for.
Profile Defaults
Profile Defaults
• Templates can be used to ease data entry.
• Can be helpful for multi-day trips.
• Template Demonstration
Understanding Workflow
• All transactions must be approved by at least one
departmental approver and the AP/Travel Office.
• View the workflow routing to see where a
transaction is in the process.
• A reassigned transaction means that it has
escalated due to no activity and has been reassigned
back to the required approver.
• Transactions on hold mean they have been placed
on hold by the approver.
Understanding Workflow
Budget Errors
• An expense report must have a valid budget check to
allow an approval.
• Approvers should verify the budget status.
• It is not necessary to budget check the transaction; it
will automatically budget check during the next batch
• Budget Errors can be viewed on the Budget
Exceptions page
Budget Errors
Budget Errors
Hotel Wizard
• The hotel wizard is a tool to assist the traveler in
splitting a hotel bill that has various expense types
(i.e. room cost, parking, internet, etc.)
Hotel Wizard
Hotel Wizard
• Demonstration of Hotel Wizard
Destination Location Lookup
• Locations can be searched by State/Country or by
city if the state or country code is not known.
Destination Location Lookup
Destination Location Lookup
Search by Expense
Location and Enter
the State or Country
Destination Location Lookup
• Search by Description and enter the City
Copying Expense Lines
• Expense lines can be copied for one or more days.
Copying Expense Lines
Copying Expense Lines
Printing Expense Reports
• Printable View link
• Ensure landscape format is selected
• What about the REN server error?
Printing Expense Reports
Printing Expense Reports
Printing Expense Reports
Expense Report Status
• Pending – expense report can be modified by the traveler or delegate; it
has not been submitted into workflow.
• Submitted for Approval – expense report has been submitted to the first
• Approvals in Process – expense report has been approved by at least one
approver but not all approvers.
• Approved for Payment – expense report has received the final approval
from the travel office and is being processed for payment.
• Paid – expense report has been paid.
• Closed – typically means an error has occurred and a ticket must be
issued to ITS in Athens.
Expense Report Status
Expense Report Status
Multiple Chartstrings
• An overall expense report can be split among
multiple chartstrings
• An individual expense type/line can also be split
amount multiple chartstrings.
Multiple Chartstrings (by %)
Multiple Chartstrings (by amt)
Multiple Chartstrings (by amt)
Entering Comments
• Travelers can use the comments field to document additional
information or issues/problems experienced while on travel
• Replaces having to submit separate, approved justifications.
• Utilizing the comments field will allow the Approving Official
to easily view the explanation at time of approval.
• Enter the expense date, expense type and brief
• Remember a very brief statement is all that is required.
Entering Comments
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