Global Health Interest Group Intro

Global Health Interest Group
Introductory Meeting
Global Health at Pitt
 What is GHIG?
 Upcoming Events
 Leadership Opportunities
Global Health Resources at Pitt
Center for Global Health:
◦ Umbrella organization
◦ INCIGHT (Interdisciplinary Curriculum in Global
Health Training)
At the med school:
Global Health AOC
International summer research
Scholarly Project
Global Health Residency Series lectures
What is GHIG?
◦ Umbrella organization that links students,
faculty and other student groups interested in
global health
◦ Link to Global Health AOC
◦ Faculty mentors: Dr. Veldkamp, Dr. Harvey
Upcoming Events
◦ International Summer Research Lecture
◦ Global Health Networking Night
◦ Other noon lectures
◦ Community service
◦ Spring Break Service Trip
◦ Global Health Residency Series
International Summer Research
Lecture Series
 How to find a faculty mentor
 How to find and apply for funding
 How to fill out the IRB application
Global Health Networking Night
 Tuesday September 28th, 6pm, BSTS100A
(day after 2nd anatomy exam)
 Faculty representing different
specialties/countries will be attending
 Second year med students who went
abroad (maybe?)
 Opportunity to make contacts, find mentors
and projects
Other noon lectures
 Practical global health
 Global health specialist talk
 International rotations
Established International Rotation Sites
Community service
 Refugee Health Literacy Project
 Refugee health fair in November
 More info at CE3 fair
 Global Links
 Non-profit in Pittsburgh that donates
medical supplies and textbooks to
developing countries
 Plan to visit the facility, help them sort
Spring Break Service Trip
 Have money in our budget to partially fund
spring break trip abroad
 Previous sites have included Mexico with Dr.
Andrea Fox, Dominican Republic(?)
 Didn’t happen last year (people didn’t think
about it early enough)
 Would require interested MS1s to organize
and fundraise for it
Global Health Residency Series
A lecture series sponsored by the Pitt Global Health Internal Medicine Residency
Global Health and Underserved Populations Series
"China's Health Care System:The God,The Bad, and the Ugly"
Presented by Hao Yu, PhD, Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation
Monday, September 20, Noon-1 p.m.
Scaife Hall, 4th floor
The series is co-sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh Department of General Internal
Medicine and Center for Global Health.
"Trends and Targets for Actions in Public Health: A Human Rights Law-based
Approach in the Context of the Pan American Health Organization's
Technical Collaboration"
Thursday, September 16, 3-4:30 p.m.
School of Law, room 107
Sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh Center for Global Health, School of Law, Center
for International Legal Education, Center for Bioethics and Health Law, and the
Interdisciplinary Curriculum in Global Health Training (INCIGHT) Program. This event is
an approved INCIGHT co-curricular and Public Health Grand Rounds activity.
 Attend a certain percentage of global health
 Complete a summer or scholarly project
related to global health
 Option to participate in INCIGHT Program
(extracurricular courses, lecture attendance)
 Start journal club?
Leadership opportunities
◦ Help us plan and execute the events we’re
◦ Even if you’re not planning to go abroad, it’s a
great way to build leadership skills and
participate in community service activities
◦ Learn more about global health
◦ Please reply to the email we will be sending
Final Reminders
◦ How to find a mentor talk –
within next few weeks
◦ Global Health Networking
Reception – Sep.28th!!!
◦ Sign up for GHIG mailing list
using the SEC site on Navigator