Curriculum Development for Inclusive Practice - Hull-Post-16

Development for
Inclusive Practice
Module 8
[email protected]
Dr Carol Azumah Dennis
Programme Director
Teaching in Lifelong Learning Sector
What is Curriculum Development?
 Curriculum
 National
 Social
strategy for curriculum development
construction of curriculum
 Influences
on curriculum development
 Curriculum
 Context
of learners’ curricula within LSS sector
Curriculum Development for
Inclusive Practice
What is Curriculum Development
Curriculum philosophies, theories and models
The Curriculum Development process
The Balanced Curriculum
The development cycle
Curriculum development project – support sessions
Part A: Project
1500 words
 Identify
the key factors which shaped curriculum
 Review
curriculum theories and models; select and
apply models and theories a to your project
 Demonstrate
ways of facilitating change to
improve the inclusiveness of your curriculum
 Explain
the evaluation procedures which apply to
your curriculum development, indicate how they
improve the quality of your programme
Part B: Action Plan
areas for future curriculum
development and submit in the
form of an Action Plan
(500 words)
Part C: Commentary
reflective commentary : personal and
professional development during Yr 2
(1500 - 2000 words)
professional practice file
1 lesson observation: Teaching log (25 hrs)
7 lesson observations: Teaching log (125 hrs)
Group Profile
list the diverse curricular areas
that each of you work in.
list the various employment
contexts that you work in.
do your interests in curriculum
overlap / diverge?
Group Activity
small groups scribe a single
statement that defines the concept of
the material I have given you.
Agree 2 or 3 other ways curriculum
might be used.
Group Activity
you differentiate the concept of
curriculum from course, syllabus,
timetable, programme?
colleges or non-statutory providers
‘have a curriculum’ in the way schools
all activities in an educational
establishment part of the curriculum?
What do we mean by Curriculum?
curriculum may refer to a
system: the national curriculum
institutional area: the
vocational curriculum
to an individual programme:
the colleges' study skills curriculum
Curriculum as Product
learning history
observable behaviour
body of knowledge
◉ Lucy
to Charlie Brown: ‘I taught Snoopy (my
dog) how to whistle.’
◉ Charlie
Brown :
(looks at Snoopy for a few
moments; then to Lucy) ‘I don’t hear him
◉ Lucy
to Charlie Brown: ‘I said I taught him
to whistle. I didn't say he learned!’
Efficient and effective
aims & objectives
content or subject matter
methods or procedures
what effect: evaluation or
Curriculum as Process
becoming a historian
teachable moment
discipline is not a series of
knowledge bites to be consumed by
the learner, but a body of knowledge
with its own logical structure and form
... a syntax
and action are fused in
practice. Self-improvement comes in
escaping from the idea that the way
to virtuosity is the imitation of others –
pastiche [...] in art ideas are tested in
form by practice, exploration and
interpretation lead to revision and
Stenhouse, L (1975) p 65 An introduction to Curriculum
research and development, London: Heinemann
Activity: Curriculum Reform -1990
1990: British Baccalaureate
1991: Training and Enterprise
1991: Education and
Training for 21st C
1992: Further and Higher
Education Act
1992: OfSTED
1992: GNVQ
1993: Incorporation of
1995: FEDA - not just
promote but embody
1996: Dearing review of 1619 qualifications
1996: International Year of
Lifelong Learning
1997: Education, Education,
1997: Learning Works
1999: Moser report
2000: Learning and Skills Act
2007: Functional Skills
2008: FLT
2009: LA & ALF
Top Down
National Curriculum
... to strategy
Bottom up
Small scale
Direct action
From campaign...
Activity: Access for All
A student enrols on your class who is
a) profoundly deaf
How will you make sure she has the support
she needs to participate in your class.
How might you change your class to enable
her to take part. Think in terms of your
structure, content, delivery.
both / and instead of either / or
experienced / enacted
‘a discursive space’
formal / official
Theory and Practice
◉ [...]
... there is no such thing as the curriculum,
there is only a curriculum: it is very specific to
a particular situation and to a particular
student, and it will vary. For [...] it is an
animated conversation on a topic [...]
between a learner, someone who is
somewhat more expert in a subject [...] and
a body of knowledge.
Bruner, J p 141 In Search of Pedagogy Vol II
The Selected Works of Jerome Bruner Routledge: Taylor & Taylor Group
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